Time for Thermal Underwear - It's Easter Again!

Paris:- Friday, 5. April 1996:- The northeast wind has been blowing for a week and it has taken me until today's newspapers to realize that this wind is blowing Easter at us. Yes folks; Easter in Paris is not for the faint of heart nor the unpadded.

This isn't news, this weather. At least I can report that the forecast is optimistic for rising temperatures - from zero up to highs of ten or 12. Maybe a little sun Saturday, but count on more clouds. Get fast film for your cameras, gloves for your hands and if you intend to stroll around Paris, earmuffs are recommended. If you have no intention of following any of these suggestions, why not pick a big, heated museum and stay in it all weekend?

Which brings me to bad news. The Louvre will be closed on Sunday, 7. April, but open on Monday, 8. April. To see if the Paris Tourist Office is keeping everything up to date for this weekend, take a look at their calendar in the Paris Pages.

Concorde Gets the Blues

Actually I was reading the papers - sort of - all week. Yesterday's Le Parisien had an interesting story and I say this upfront so you won't think... anybody has paid me to write this. I have always been a fan of the Franco-Brit supersonic passenger rocket commonly known as the Concorde. As it does not fly over my house, and perhaps not over yours either, one tends to forget that these things have been in regular service for - here I lack a fact - for a long time.

Apparently Pepsi is launching some new cola drink as a new arm in the eternal Cola Wars, and to advertise this momentous event they have had a Concorde painted with 300 litres of - not cola - but midnight blue paint, and they have been flying it between European capitals and Middle Eastern destinations since Tuesday, starting from Gatwick. This Concorde will touch down for refueling - with gas not cola - in Paris today, and will continue with the promotion until Monday. If you feel like trying to get a sample of the new flavor, you better get out to Roissy right away, because Pepsi will not introduce this drink in France until next year. Good reason: France is in last place for cola consumption in Europe.

Warmer Down South?

If you are heading for the Mediterranean in search of a warmer ambiance, I have no weather report for down there but I do have news: the local transport strike in Marseille has ended after 17 days.

Should you need real news from down south, two local papers are online. Try Nice-Matin at http://www.nicematin.fr/ or Dépêche du Midi at http://www.afp.com/depeche/acceuil.html - or try them both. These are both new Web sites.

For a bit of news in English, try the "Beyond The French Riviera" site at http://www.beyond.fr/news.html - which is also updated weekly by Joel Stratte-McClure. Since he will be in Paris freezing with us this weekend, the French newspapers above might be a better source of local weather information.

Since it is Easter, the Santa Semana is on the Spain this week - and with it, the bullfighting season opens. I mention this for several reasons, none of which have anything to with Paris.

A fair number of bullfights are staged in France each year, down south, and I have met a few of the fans and all I can say, they are serious - as is the bullfighting. I believe its popularity is increasing in this country, although like a lot of interesting things in France, it is officially forbidden - not to mention that Brigette Bardot is extremely annoyed about it. The people who are against these spectacles are about as frenzied as its fans, and routinely throw their cushions - not at the ring - but at the fans who are throwing their cushions at the ring. Of course, this is a great benefit to the cushion renters, because people who normally do not like bullfights do not rent cushions.

Red Alert on Traffic

As far I am concerned, if I wanted to be warm this weekend I would fly to the Canaries. For those of you contemplating passing the weekend outside of Paris within the warmth of your car heater, there is an Orange Alert for departures today from 18:00 to 21:00 and a red Red RED Alert for Saturday morning from 8:00 until noon. For the return on Monday the Red Alert is up for the period of 18:00 to 22:00.

Some of the toll collectors on some of the autoroutes are now offering discounts for motorists who choose to return to Paris at some inconvenient time instead of when they want to. In return, they have hiked the tariffs by 25 percent for those returning in the 17:00 to 21:00 time slot. This applies to the autoroutes A1, A10 and A11. The A13 that everybody will be using to get back from Normandy will be as congested as usual at the normal charges. Take care.

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