Le Foire de Paris
Paris' Annual Jumbo Fair

foire96.jpg (17k) This year's Foire de Paris features 19 'Salons' within three general categories, spread over 40 hectares (98.8 acres):
  • Loisirs et Découvertes
  • Les Plaisirs de la Table
  • La Maisons et son Jardin

3,200 Exhibitors are occupying 220,000 square metres under cover and 50,000 square metres outside. 100 people work full-time for the Foire; and 15,000 are engaged for a month on the site. The Foire itself does 130 million francs of business while the exhibitors have a turnover of about 2.2 billion francs.

In 1995, the Foire attracted 900,000 visitors.

Les Salons de la Foire de Paris: What you will find in the various halls at the Fair:

Hall 1: Loisirs et Découvertes
  • Salon des Loisirs
  • Salon du Multimédia
  • Foire des Collectionneurs
  • Pays et Régions du Monde
  • Salon de Tourisme
  • Marchés de France et d'Ailleurs

Hall 2/1: Plaisirs de la Table

  • Salon du Vins et de la Gastronomie
  • Food, Wine, Regional specialties - Food here is not free but is varied, representing many regions of France, with foreign specialties as well.

Hall 2/2: Maisons et Jardins

  • Salon de l'Ameublement et de la Décoration - Large furnishings
  • Espace Conseil

Hall 2/3: Maisons et Jardins

  • Salon de l'Ameublement et de la Décoration - Household linen, lamps

Hall 3: Maisons et Jardins

  • Salon de l'Ameublement et de la Décoration - Traditional and modern furniture

Hall 4: Maisons et Jardins

  • Salon de l'Ameublement et de la Décoration - Decorative objects, tableware
  • Salon des Artisans d'Art

Hall 5: Maisons et Jardins

  • Salon de la Maison Individuelle
  • Contractors and credit firms

Hall 5-6: Maisons et Jardins

  • Salon du Jardin et de la Piscine
  • Garden furniture

Hall 7/1: Maisons et Jardins

  • Salon de l'Equipment Menager
  • Appliances, custom kitchens

Hall 7/2: Maisons et Jardins

  • Salon de l'Ameloration de l'Habitat
  • Heating, flooring, security

Hall 7/3: Maisons et Jardins

  • Salon de Bricolage
  • Sewing machines, tools, hardware
  • Concours Lepine * The Inventors
  • Vehicules d'Occasion
  • Espace Forme et Bien-Etre

Hall 8:

  • Animalerie
  • Pets, pet food, breeders

Basic Information about the Foire de Paris

Located at: Expo centre, Porte de Versailles

Opens: Friday, 26. April - through to Wednesday, 8. May. Daily: 10:00 to 19:00
Evenings open to 22:00: Tuesday, 30. April; Friday, 3. May and Tuesday, 7. May.

Entry: adults 45 F, reduced 40 F, and children 20 F. Children under seven, free.

Métro: Line 12, Porte de Versailles, and Line 8, Balard. Buses - Lines 39, 49, 80 and PC Parking : 4,500 places within the Parc, 700 nearby.

Parking - Kids: in Hall 5/1: Salon de la Maison Individuelle -Espace Enfants - for 3 to 12 years, and 'Coin Nursery' - for babies. Activities for children plus snacks; professional animation assured for the entire fair, same hours as the fair.

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