Number 2.06 - Monday, 10. February 1997

Café Metropole
Rightist Front National Takes Another Town
Hotly Contested Election Closely Followed in Paris

'Au Bistro'
Winter Holidays Start With Usual Fuss
Five Weeks After New Years,
Parents Look for Babysitters Again

Pamela Harriman Dies in Paris
Party-Girl Turns Lady at American Embassy
President Chirac Offers 'Solemn Homage'

Another Marie de Médicis' Subdivision
On the Ile Saint-Louis -
A Rare Day of Seeking the Sun-hungry

Come to Buy a Book or Come to Stay
Paris' Shakespeare & Company Sells Books
and Gives Away Lodging if You Can't Afford Books

The Week's Paris Posters 17 ko and 18 ko

Paris Valentine

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