Number 2.13 - Monday, 31. March 1997

Café Metropole - Walk on the Grass? In Paris?
All Except for the Exceptions. Again.

'Au Bistro' - Red Wine Good Against Senility
Other Health News Is Not Nearly So Good
Political News No Worse Than Usual

Pascin's 25 Year-Long Party
The Original Mr. Montparnasse -
Was the Model for the Legend of the '20's.
Expo: 'Pascin - Gravé la Nuit'

Restaurant Review:
Rare for Paris, Comfortable Booths
Invites Leisurely Dining at Altas Opéra

eMail: Reader in Oz
Reports Seeing President Chirac Having Fun
and Comments about Golfing Kangaroos

The Week's Paris Posters 13 ko and 14 ko

Ric's Cartoon - One-fingered Reporter

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