Number 2.18 - Monday, 5. May 1997

Café Metropole - The Bridges of May
Are More Than You Think

'Au Bistro' - Politicians Unasked for May Day
And Other Ghastly News

Elections1997 As Voters Remain Confused,
the Election Heats Up

The Wonderful Invention Show
The 'Concours Lepine' - a Top Draw at Foire de Paris

Hide and Seek May Day Parade
When Found, First is the End
and Last is the Middle

Ex-Clown On Paris Visit
'Freak Brothers' Creator Hosts Dava

eMail: A Low-Tech Free Way to Pass the Good Time
from Walter Conway

eMail: Paris' Chicken 'Mystery' Exposed,
from Kim Murray

The Week's Paris Posters 12 ko and 16 ko

Ric's Cartoon - Bring a Friend

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