Number 2.51:- Monday, 22. December 1997

Café Metropole - Don't Ask Me to Look Out the Window
When It's Wet and Cold Outside, Inside the Louvre Isn't

Au Bistro - Two Trials and a Nice Guy in Marseille
Coluche's 'Les Restaurants du Coeur' - 13th Edition

Tree from Las VegasStrolling Without Snow
A Downtown Paris Suitable for Not Shopping

A Modest New Years' Proposal
But Buy Now - Party Later

The Paris Program III - Noël 1997
Even More Opera, Ballet, Theatre, Concerts
and Events

The Week's Paris Posters (18 ko & 18 ko)

The Week's Paris Posters II (21 ko & 11 ko)

Ric's Cartoon - 'Season's Greetings from Paris' (26 ko)

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