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Wednesday's edition of Le Parisien has yet more good advice for having a fine Christmas. One nutritionist says it is okay to forget your diet for a day - "Noël is good for you!" - and offers a bit of other common-sense advice: don't eat too much fat - foie gras and fat cheese and the bûche de Noël made from nearly solid butter - and don't mix the types of booze too much.

In another box on the same page, there is a list of remedies for those without common-sense. The two most common ailments seems to be upset stomachs and hangovers - discreetly called 'migraines.' A homeopathic cocktail is proposed as well as a 'tea-cure,' which some French firmly believe in.

Coca-Cola is given the nod for the morning after as is a really potent bomb with a base of Fernet-Branca. Another alternative is two big glasses of beer. To be on the safe side, stick a bar of savon de Marseille under the covers at the foot of your bed before passing out.

Unemployed Go On Strike

shoppers Gal. LafayetteIn scattered areas around France, groups of unemployed workers picketed or occupied unemployment centres and called for Christmas 'bonuses' of up to 5,000 francs.

Many department stores have booths on the sidewalks - for buying those things you need in a hurry - like wedding rings, or umbrellas, or potato peelers.

There are many people who have been unemployed for a long time and their benefits have run out - and some of these were demanding 'bonuses' in order to reduce the debts many have accumulated.

At one agency, the demands were met with payments of up to 1,000 francs. Other agencies were closed completely in order to avoid any dialogue with the protestors.

Honeymoon in Paris

After getting married on Tuesday in Venice, Woody Allen and Soon-Yi Prévin took up residence in Paris' Hotel Ritz for their honeymoon.

On Christmas Day, with the aid of their Ritz driver, an arrangement was reached with paparazzi and all went off happily to the place de la Concorde for a photo session.

Le Parisien's front-page photo in yesterday's editions was small and blurry, and buried bottom-left under a very large and clear photo of a storm scene in Brittany.

Christmas TV

Out of the non-stop miasma of holiday TV-programming, Charles Aznavour's show on France-2 TV at 20:50 on Thursday was an absolute hit.

France's top entertainers showed up to sing duets, engage in sketches and even the somewhat reclusive Alain Delon walked on stage to recite a poem - written by Aznavour.

I missed the best part, which was a sketch with Aznavour and Michel Serrault - but the part I did see, made me think we don't see this sort of class entertainment on TV often these days.

Did You Give?

There are many traditions in France and one f them is to present a gift at New Year to those who do a service for you. Thus I have given to the garbage men, who I never see otherwise; to my postman who I do see fairly often and who does do little favors for me; and the firemen haven't shown up yet and when they do I hope it is only to get their 'étrennes.'

Finally, I am going to have to go looking for the apartment manager on Monday because he won't be coming around to exchange a calendar for an envelope. It's not his style.

He is a busy guy because there are about 250 apartments spread over ten buildings in this park we have, and the size of it keeps him hopping. He is what used to be called a 'concierge' but in a place this size, it is like an industrial job - with a heavy public relations side to it.

Jean-Marie Le Pen Found Guilty, Again

It is the Front National Party's leader second conviction for saying on 5. December, that the 'gas chambers were a detail of history.'

He said this at a news shoppers, Printemps conference in Munich, while publicizing a book about himself, written by Franz Schoenhuber, described by Le Parisien as a former member of the Waffen SS.

Red and green are favorite colors during the holidays, but purple is catching on.

He was convicted of saying almost the same thing in public once before, in 1987, and was eventually fined over one million francs in that case.

In yesterday's judgement at Nanterre, he was fined a considerable amount. He was ordered to pay from one franc to 5,000 francs, to 11 antiracist organizations. In addition, he is required to deposit 300,000 francs - within a week - as a deposit to pay for the publication of the text of the judgement - in ten national and regional daily papers and six weeklies.

France has a 1990 law that makes it a crime to deny the Holocaust.

Sports News: Called Off On Account of Noël

Correction for New Years Day: The 20th Paris-Dakar circus is assembling in front of the Château de Versailles to get ready for its 'grand depart' - starting at 04:30 on Thursday, 1. January 1998. Versailles merchants have been whipped into a frenzy of 'Dakar Fever' and there are non-stop festivities going on, most of them apparently commercial.

If you are planning to visit by car, the normal public parking in front of the château has been reduced considerably. I would recommend parking some distance away, and be sure to put some money into the ever-present parcometres. I don't think the parking-metre ladies are going to Dakar.

Bon voyage!

The World Cup SportsBar Is Open Throughout the Holidays

Real SportsFans should hang out the SportsBar where the fans have all the cognog they can make themselves, at the Football Café, and have relaxing bowls of peanuts while discussing the finer points of the world of football, without getting too 'psychofluide' about it. Cognog is cool.

Less uplifting are the 'official' Web sites: represenred by the FIFA - which stands for Federation International - and the French Organizing Committee, known to all far and wide as the CFO. I don't know what the initials stand for; just like RATP does not sound like métro to me.

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