'Eurostar' Shines in Tunnel

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Second Time for 'Trip of a Lifetime'

eMail from Nicki Ryker, via the Internet:
Dear Ric -

Tuesday, 11. February 1998:- My husband and I went to Paris for the first time in May of 1995 for what we thought would be a once in a lifetime trip. He had always wanted to go to London and I to Paris so we 'did the Eurostar' and visited both.

We really enjoyed the trip. My husband and I had no experience traveling on trains, so we were novices for the first trip and enjoyed the experience so much that we wanted to repeat it on our next trip, which we took in May of 1997.

Since we have nothing to compare it to, I can only speak of the Eurostar experience. We were impressed with the speed, smooth ride, and the 'pampering' that we enjoyed during the three hour trip.

The staff was very attentive and courteous. They offered beverages as soon as the train started and came back often to check to see if we needed anything.

They had both the Paris and London newspapers and 'USA Today.' The reclining seats were comfortable and the windows were very large to see the view, which was beautiful once we got into France.

The meals were served in courses, not all at once. We had a selection of entree`s, which were very well prepared and as good, if not better than the food we ate in restaurants.

The ride under the channel was not scary at all. There is an announcement that the train is approaching the channel and the lights come on in the train to offset the darkness of the chunnel. The chunnel part of the ride takes only about 20-25 minutes and probably goes largely unnoticed by most people on the train.

Going through customs was a breeze and getting a taxi took a while only on our last trip, which happened to be on a Friday and everything was more crowded.

All in all, the experience was enjoyable and free of stress. The bottom line is that we heartily recommend the Eurostar to anyone who has occasion to utilize this service.


N. Ryker©1998

Eurostar Grows in Popularity
Dear Nicki -

Paris:- Sunday, 15. February 1998:- In Metropole's 2nd issue, back in 1996, Tony Brock wrote 'Chunnel Rocky Horror Trip,' which was an account of a ride through the 'chunnel' that did not go smoothly.

Since then it has slowly come to my attention that a lot of people are using the Eurostar service because it is convenient and the price is right.

It is a handy time for you to write to say all the gare du nord, eurostar nice things you have about it, because I imagine a lot of people are making their European vacation plans - and these include visits to both London and Paris. As you point out, the Eurostar takes a lot of stress out of this journey.

Here is the Eurostar at Gare du Nord in Paris. If You like rails, taking the Métro or RER will keep you going.

The last time I was in London - probably about 1979 - I went on the boat-train. I prefer trains to planes and boats above all, but the experience of that trip - uneventful, but incredibly long - has allowed me to politely refuse invitations to several wedding and other gatherings in Britain over the years.

This letter of yours is for the information of other readers. I'm not going to show it to my wife, because she probably has several pending baptismal invitations lying around and even if she doesn't, she'd drag me over to London for any old thing.

But don't let me stop any of you.

Regards, Ric

In Metropole Paris
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