February Scenes in Paris

billboard at night
A billboard on a SNCF platform adds color to the early night.

Some photos taken are not used for various reasons; they do not 'fit' the feature - but they were there, so they got captured . The ones here do not 'fit' into any features in this issue either and have nothing to do with current news. Here they are, as an extra feature. Paris:- Sunday, 1. March 1998.

metro Bastille boucherie, Ile St Louis

1934 Duesenberg J Le Coq, Trocadero
Top left: a métro exit at Bastille.
Top Right: a butcher shop on the Ile Saint-Louis.
Bottom left: a 1934 Duesenberg 'J.'
Bottom right: a terrace at Trocadéro.
All photos: Erickson©1998
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