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To Salute French World Cup Victory

Email from: Ed Grant, via the Internet:


Monday, 13. July 1998 :- Congratulations on your World Cup victory!


Email from: Mike Harmon, via the Internet:

Hello Ric,

Monday, 13. July 1998 :- It definitely appears that France is on the move. This week has been what I can only describe as fantastic. Even though our news media didn't show nearly enough of the happy French public after the great victory, I could see that it was sweet.

The media showed tasty and tempting bits of the crowds, but I think they didn't want to show too muchphoto: winning fans in cafe for fear it would make us all feel bad. I even think the story about the crazy woman driver was made up to tone down the joy of all those happy French people.

They shouted, "One, two, three - Zero!"

I wish I was there now, especially with Bastille Day coming. I even enjoyed the three tenors this week, especially since I have never really liked opera.

I am so happy for France now, and hope that this will help pull the nation out of its long and undeserved period of introspective insecurity. je vous salue les rouge, blanc et blues. Paris 2000!

Enjoy, Mike

Email from: Ron Roizen, via the Internet:

Tuesday, 14. July 1998 :- Congrats! Though I gotta confess that my brother-in-law was rooting for Brazil.

The shots of the crowd down the Champs' were remarkable indeed. Also the rainbow-nonracist aspect of the new French team and celebration--which, BTW, got ample play on U.S. national news broadcasts I saw.


Email from: Jean Peter, via the Internet:

Wednesday, 15. July 1998 :- A toute l'Equipe et Francais,

Jean Peter de Trinidad Caribbean tient a vous envoyer mes bonnes congratulations du fond de mon coeur. Mes amis je vous supportais du premier match et malheureusement vous m'avez tellement passiones que j'ai completement oublie de mettre du fric sur cette finale. Je n'oublierai pas en quatre ans, car vous la gagnerez aussi en 2002. Vous tenez le Coeur de la France en vous mêmes. Que Dieu vous protége.

Jean Peter

Email from: Denise Fondren, via the Internet:

Hi Ric,

Monday, 20. July 1998 :- Have you survived the celebrations from the World Cup? My French friends are still delirious with joy over the victory.


Thanks For The Three Cheers!

Bonjour Metropole Readers,

Paris:- Sunday, 26. July 1998:- Even without helping the French team to victory, Metropole Paris did manage to survive the celebration of it. I would like to thank Metropolegraphic: tricoleur and football readers who are genuine SportsFans for not pointing out my spotty coverage of the event; and thank readers who are non- SportsFans for not objecting to it either.

The tournament was a great success for the French and France. The final surprise win was an extraordinary bonus - which the all of the French, all of the Parisians and all the visitors present showed the world via the Web and TV, from the beginning of the first game on 10. June to the end of the celebrations on Bastille Day, Tuesday, 14. July 1998.

Thank you for your encouraging messages.

Regards, Ric

PS: Stay tuned to Metropole Paris. Coming in 1999: the World Rugby Championships. Mais oui!

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