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A very colorful bar near the centre of Les Halles.

New Metropole Paris 'Scene' Page

by Ric Erickson

Paris:- Monday, 5. October 1998:- Starting with this issue, the 'Events' and 'Coming Events' are moving from this page to their own page, which is called 'Scene,' for want of a better word, and because it is five letters long.

This is an experiment - partly prompted by requests for information from readers. Also, because not all readers see every issue, some long-running Paris events have been featured on this page for consecutive issues - and this may be boring for regular readers - even though I change text occasionally to see if anybody is paying attention.

The new page, 'Metropole Paris - Scene,' will have new items as a lead, followed by ongoing events and events about to close. Furtherphoto: rue cortalon down the page there will be a changing selection of coming events, under headings such as 'Théâtre,' 'Opéra' and 'Dance.' This order of items may be changed later, but this is how it will be arranged.

This is not going to start as a complete or completely thought-out effort. It'll take a couple of issues to get up to speed. Or more than a couple.

The rue Courtalon in the Halles area, facing west.

Many items in 'Scene' will be second- hand; found in other publications. Up until now I have been getting some information directly from a few primary sources, but this is a bit haphazard - and I want to start a systematic collection of information. For example I will try to get the official program for the Opéra directly from the Opéra.

Other sources will be informal. Good examples of finding 'news' are the posters for events that I see on my underground travels in the métro. There are posters for everything all over, and the trouble with them is they are 'all over.'

Another is this week's '100 Years of Tango: Paris - Buenos Aires' program, which arrived by luck. This is a tiny item in both Friday's 'Libération' and the latest 'Nova' - for a big Paris event in the - growing - tango world.

Each and every single event taking place in Paris is not going to find itself on this 'Scene' page. This would be too much. On the other hand, there are going to be some items on it that the Paris Tourist Office knows nothing about - and they know a lot.

I expect readers will be another source - by asking questions. By having done this already, you get a new page after all. So it's only fair that you help me to fill it up. Who wants Opéra? Who prefers ballet instead?

Next week, I'll talk about 'Café' things again on this page. Right now I'm rollered out and tangoed to death.

Dreamland In Outer Internet

Setting up your own country may never have occurred to you if you never happen to live, as I did, near some physicalphoto: cornue stove place where there was just the remotest chance of pulling it off. This was the stuff of dreams and worth quite a number of evenings of discussion.

But now that the Internet is here and seems to be everywhere, the idea of 'setting up a country' is taking shape, and some people have moved beyond talking to 'form' virtual countries.

See the feature 'L'Art de la Bonne Vie' for more about this 'La Cornue' stove.

Friday's Libération had a big feature about this. From its five 'countries' I have picked two, after having visited all of them. I didn't stay long enough anywhere to get citizenship or another passport and I didn't get busted for illegal entry, but the République Libre du Frioul and the République de Lomar look like they may be around for a while.

Lomar seems to be headed for French-English bilingualism and it already has snazzy-looking stamps and official-looking citizenship application forms; so be ready to fill out forms - just like in any other, real, country.

This Week Is Science Week in France

Science is a big activity in France as a result of the educational system's mania for it. Science Week is supposed to increase the public's awareness of what science is up to; to explain the relationships between schools, researchers, labs, students, organizations and monsieur and madame on the street

Also, one purpose of the week is to show that science goes on all around France and not just in the Latin Quarter. Thus activities in Lyon, Marseille, Rennes, Strasbourg, Toulouse and Cayenne are also on the menu.

Science Week in France lasts from today until next Sunday, 11. October. Discover why France has a space program and why the Bic throwaway ball-point-pen was invented here. Maybe.

News from The Tocqueville Connection:

This week I skipped both the news and the opinion sections of 'The Tocqueville Connection,' and only know that it contains something about a 'Paris Face-Lift.' There certainly are items about the new German Chancellor's visit to Paris last week as his first foreign excursion and other assorted political news; I just don't know what they are. Why don't you have a look?

Arrive at Paris' Airports Before You Arrive by Plane

This is easier done than said by hitting the Web site of the public body known as Aéroports-de-Paris, or ADP for short. This site is pepping up from its present information about flight times, to include the timetables of the TGV and RER trains accessible directly from the airports at Roissy and Orly. Flight times are now updated at the same time as the arrival and departure displays in the airports.

The Forum des Images

This used to be known more modestly as the Vidéothèque de Paris, but has recently gone into high gear by - didn't I write about this already? Whatever it is, it is online so you can find out what a lot of Parisians already know. This site is in both French and English.

From Luxembourg to Web: Média Senat

If you can't be in Paris to visit the French Senate's exhibition called 'Média Senat' you can at least pay a visit to the Senat's Web site and perhaps leave your calling card. If you have little interest in history or politics, the hostesses are supposed tophoto: bagel place be worth a look, but these are not on the Web site.

Exhibition Média Senat
Musée du Luxembourg, 19. rue de Vaugiraud, Paris 6. Until Sunday, 18. October. Closed Mondays. No entry charge. Info. Tel.: 01 42 34 21 21.

The western entry to the rue Courtalon, in the Halles area.

Coming Sooner: 'Lire en Fête'

This is sort of a French language 'Lit-Online' party, set to appear on your browser starting Friday, 16. October and lasting until Sunday, 18. October. The Ministry of Culture and the online 'Lit-Zine,' Pagina are organizing this affair, which - besides literature and poetry - links all the French and Francophone Web sites taking part in 'Lire en Fête.' Long-time readers will probably remember that Pagina has been featured on Metropole's Links page since the year dot. The Fête is just another good reason to give it a hit.

I am now seeing ads for this event, but 'Pagina's' name is not mentioned. I checked their Web site, and it is aware of 'Lire en Fête.'

This Was Metropole One Year Ago:

count down Eiffel TowerIssue 2.40 - 6. October 1997 - This issue featured the columns - Café Metropole - 'Warm Days - Cool Nights' and 'Au Bistro' had - 'We Did It! We Got 'Golden October!'' The articles in the issue were 'While the Air's Away On Paris' Pollution Day,' 'Montmartre Kicks Out Jams, Stomps Grape' and 'Prix de l'Arc - Out At the Track With Kaz.' There were two 'Posters of the Week.' Ric's Cartoon of the Week was called ''Pollution Chez Ed.'

The Tour Eiffel Countdown to 31. December 1999:

Only 453 short days left to go.

Regards, Ric
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