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Metropole's Paris

Paris Information

  • There is a Web site simply named 'Paris' and it contains the monthly program for events, exhibitions and salons, plus just about all the other practical information a visitor might want.
  • The City of Paris' own 'Paris-Internet' site is 'official' - for residents of the city - but may also be of interest to visitors.
  • Paris Tourist Office - Office de Tourisme de Paris
    127. avenue des Champs-Elysees, 75008 Paris
    Métro: Etoile or George V
    In Paris, Tel.: 01 49 52 53 54, and Fax to: 01 49 52 53 00.
    From abroad, Tel.: 33-1 49 52 53 54
    Fax: 33-1 49 52 53 00.
    Reservations can be made directly by FAX to the PTO.
    Infos 24h/24h: Loisirs: Tel.: 01 49 52 53 55.
    Leisure Infos: Tel.: 01 49 52 53 56.
    Freizeitangebote: Tel.: 01 49 52 53 57.
    In Japanese: Tel.: 01 49 52 53 58.

Paris Area Public Transport

  • The RATP is the name of Paris' regional transit authority. The site contains all métro lines, stops and destinations. These are the people sell the green Métro tickets.
  • The SNCF - France's national railway system, has a Web site which tells you all you need to know about travel within the Ile-de-France and thoughout its national rail network.

Handy Paris Maps

  • Some good guys down in Montpellier came in from the sun and and worked very hard to make a set of super maps - of Paris. Led by Dominique Allain, they have put together a set of maps to help you pinpoint Paris locations - of your hotel for example. To find its location, click on the general area and then use the virtual magnifying glass to see the exact spot. The maps are clear and readable onscreen.

World Cup in France - 1998 - Now playing at:

Web News -mainly - From Europe

Parisian and European Events - in German

  • Europolis-Online hat für Sie ausgewählt: die besten Restaurants, rund 450 Shoppingadressen, das Angebot der deutschsprachigen Paris-Spaziergänge, einige der originellsten und zuweilen unglaublich preiswerten Hotels, Ausstellungsvorschau auf die n&aumlchsten Monate, usw.
Note:The Europolis site has useful information - such as the cultural program for Paris.

'Pagina' - French Literature Today

  • Alexandre Rosa's 'Pagina' - This site presents French literature on a weekly basis, in French. Very lively.

The French Explain France

  • The Toqueville Connection - Well-known French commentators dissect events in France and explain how they relate to the rest of the world. New editions appear every Friday.

French Internet News from Yahoo

  • Yahoo-France - features news updates from Agence-France Presse and Reuters. Most reports are in French.

French Radio News

  • France-Info - non-stop news. Note: reports in French - requires RealAudio plug-in. This site also has information about all other Radio France services.

Links to Most European Newspapers

  • Kidon/Media Links - One of the oldest, still one of the best.
  • Internet News - which used to be known as 'Newspaper Mania!'

    Both of these Web sites have direct links to European newspapers, their online versions, or online news Web sites - like Metropole. Both also have fast links to newspaper sites worldwide - which is especially good if you want to get local news from the source rather than from the mainstream global news services.

Links to other online 'City Magazines'

UNESCO's 'WebWorld'

  • WebWorld - is your direct connection to news of cultural and scientific activities by UNESCO throughout the world. UNESCO has been acting as the world's official cultural exchange agent - long before there was a WorldWideWeb.


  • Bibliothèque Nationale de France - has articles about the BnF's exhibitions. This site is the gateway to France's 'official' library of record. Here you can search and here you shall find. This site also has details about how to order materials from the BnF.

European Study - Student Exchange

  • Campus Voice - has info about European faculties, exchanges, discussion forums, professional orientation and European employment offers.

French and English Studies

  • Volterre-Fr - has English & French language resources - including links to language Web sites. For both teachers and students. For what's new on Volterre-Fr, on WebFrance International and Metropole Paris, subscribe to the *free* Paris In Sites Newsletter, or write to Linda Thalman and say you heard about it here. She'll buy me a café for every new sub.

Other Useful Paris Sites

Paris Newspapers Online

French Regional Newspapers

French Magazines Online

French Television Web Sites

Gazing at Paris From a High Place

  • Paris' famous iron lady got saved from the demolition brigade by becoming a radio tower and now it has its Web site too. Have a virtual visit to the Tour Eiffel and find out more facts about it than you thought existed; plus see 360-degree views of Paris.

For Stamp Collectors

  • Since the French Post Office has had to go it alone without aid of the France Telecom cash-cow, 'La Poste' has stepped up its activities for philatelists. Although it is not explicit that La Poste takes foreign orders, it does offer information about its subscription service in English, German, Spanish and Italian, in addition to French. La Poste also accepts payments made with Visa or Mastercard.

Michelin Guide & Trip Planning

  • Michelin Maps & Guides- Plan your trip in France with Michelin. Includes list of over 70,000 hotels and restaurants from Michelin Guides. Fees are charged for custom detailed guides.

Web Travel Sites

  • 'European Visits' - exists in a Web as well as a print version. The site has a short but potent set of links to the major travel sites - handy if you have destinations other than Paris in mind.

Personals for Geeks

  • Like me, you probably have tired, old and grossly overweight system software. Cut the fat and put on your dancing shoes. Try out the BeOS for Intel and Mac for new boogie lessons. The latest R3 version is available now. This is not for juggling boring 'office' paper clips - it's for making multimedia more interesting and very zippy. BeOS is also about having the right to choose.

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