Terminal Drowsiness and Leadfingers

photo: cafe le taxi jaune

'Yellow Taxi' is as good a name for a café as any,
especially in the north Marais

Montmartre Online and the French Interwhat

by Ric Erickson

Paris:- Monday, 29. March 1999:- If you are one of the types too busy to gawk at Paris' Webcam to see what the weather is like, it is like this: one day is sunny and cool and the following day is rainy and cool. In short, it is spring weather.

photo: notre dame de l'assomptionWith this vitally important news out of the way, I can go on to other inconsequential matters to fill up this space. Some people write to a set word count and others try to hit a certain time, sometimes known as a 'deadline,' but I generally do neither and just keep writing until my finger falls off or I pass out.

With a lot of domes, when there is sun, then there is a lot of old glitterdomes.

In a sense, both are happening today, because on Friday I took a tour that turned out strenuous; but was successful in the sense that I managed to capture what I set out to get. What I have not done is set it down in words on account of the missing finger and my approaching unconsciousness. I did do the photos though!

No, don't look for them in this issue. Tune in next week for Paris' oldest tree and Paris' oldest house. Both are in dispute, so there's two of each.

Issy Gets Funny

Still striving to maintain its leadership of the top PR town in France, Issy-les-Moulineaux has just informed me that they've hired two well-known press cartoonists to expose their stuff from April Fool's Day until Saturday, 24. April.

I don't know Plantu or Roger Blachon personally, but I do know their work; so I can say a detour to Issy will not be a waste of time unless you hate cartoons for some reason. Plantu beat photographers to Le Monde's frontphoto: pont neuf, samaritaine pages, which I've heard took a lot of determination for a long time - but readers have been looking forward to his daily take for a good many years now.

More sun on an old bridge - the Pont Neuf.

Roger Blachon, used to do big, complicated cartoons containing casts of thousands, and now apparently does a weekly 'sports' cartoon for l'Equipe - which I have not seen because I don't read it.

You can meet Plantu on Thursday, 1. April at 19:00 at the Espace Boulée at the Hôtel de Ville and Roger Blachon will be on hand on Friday, 9. April at 20:30 in the Espace Jeunes, 15. Rue Diderot; both in Issy - which can be reached with métro line 12 if you don't mind riding to the end of the line.

Tocqueville This Week

Again I skipped 'The Tocqueville Connection's' 'International' news and turned to its culture sections, to read Patricia Ochs' account of 'poor-but-Cinderella' French films and how they fare in the US against the blockbuster special-effects movies, which lack stories. Meanwhile, Tocqueville's Camille Mackler writes about spring cleaning and the French garden Web sites.

Waxworks Online

Paris' famous waxworks, the Musée Grevin has finally got itself online and not a moment too soon if you are one of the fans of this type of thing. Actually, this museum is an old Paris landmark, of equal interest to history buffs, partly because of its position on the 'Grands Boulevards.' But to whet your interest even further, there is a rumor of a takeover bid to/from the Musée Grevin/Parc Asterix.

Montmartre Online

When I heard about 'Paris18 Net' some weeks ago I took a look at what seemed a good idea, but a bit of a wobbly execution. Now the information comes to me again, and it says 'Paris18' is a doorway to 600 Web sites up on the Butte. Grouped into eight large categories, even visitors are supposed to be able to find information about all their favorite Montmartre notions. Give them a tryout.

The French Interwhat?

A recent survey of 4,000 French residents has concluded that 75 percent of them have never heard of the Internet or don't know what it is. A tidy 4.2 percent said they intended tophoto: cite berryer find out about it in 1999; while roughly 10 percent have online access either at home - fewer - or at work - more. The trouble with percents is they are abstract. The 'roughly' 10 percent represents about six million people; which is not so bad.

Lots of light, but more cool shadow; calls for terrace heaters.

Paris' 'LiveCam' Shows Typical Weather

A few Metropole readers are giving this site a hit because they think I should know about the weather in Paris and they write to tell me about what weatherI have here. Thank you. If you want to see for yourself what typical early spring weather looks like, now you will see it - Paris bathed in bright, blinding sunlight or dull and chilly overcast. I will content myself with looking out of a closed window - one I intend to clean one of these days..

count down Eiffel TowerThis Was Metropole One Year Ago:

Issue 3.13 - 30. March 1998 - This issue featured the columns - Café Metropole - 'No Burning Hurry For You' and 'Au Bistro' had - 'Political Turmoil Continues.' The issue had three features; entitled 'Cleaning Up the Book Ends - Salon du Livre, Part II,' 'Exclusive: 'NAO' Weather Affects Europe' and 'Walking and Biking Around Paris.' There were four 'Posters of the Week' and Ric's Cartoon of the Week was captioned, ''Alo! 'Alo!''

The Tour Eiffel Countdown to 31. December 1999:

Only 278 more cool days of light rain and occasionally weak sun.

Regards, Ric
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