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We arrived in Athens at cocktail time on Friday and found the roof of the house in Plaka, and the partyzone in the apartment facing the Acropolis and the whole thing looked really great in the moonlight. Waking up at 5:30 in the morning on the roof at the top of Plaka was pretty good too, with all of Athens starting to wake up, splashed across a big bowl below.

The English guy had been at the party, so we were all together again, although one too many for the car. After buying the visa in Munich, I had ten marks left, so I had to wait for money while the others took the ferry to Crete. By the time I got there, only two were left.

When the whole trip was over, after Istanbul, I was the only one left. But it was okay. The Oktoberfest had started, and Charlie had found a bridge under which there was room for ten backpackers - just so long as each had no more than just a sleeping bag.

Tocqueville's News This Week

'The Tocqueville Connection's' highlights from their current Friday edition did not arrive again so I took a look to see what they were not telling me and found the 'miracle' Lourdes story and a feature about the Pont des Arts, both of which have been featured here. Of course, Tocqueville has much more than Metropole about the geopolitical situation in Europe - if you are interested in this, Tocqueville will give you their Franco- American view of it.

Motorcycle 'Net News

Moto-Net is an online magazine for motorcycle fans, nanas, hangers-on, riders and all others who want to know all they can about their favorite method of locomotion. I didn't lookphoto: beauvais tille airport the whole site over because my interest in this subject is somewhat limited to Saskia's adventures - the ones she may be having now while taking a little ride around North America. So far as I could see - Moto-Net is entirely in French - which should be handy for building up your vocabulary.

The control tower at Paris' thriving Beauvais airport.

Montmartre Continues Online

When I heard about 'Paris18 Net' some weeks ago I took a look at what seemed a good idea. 'Paris18' is a doorway to 600 Web sites up on the Butte. Grouped into eight large categories so that even visitors are supposed to be able to find information about all their favorite Montmartre places. Give them a tryout if you are a Montmartre fan.

Paris' 'LiveCam' Shows Spring Weather

Metropole readers are giving this site a hit because they think I should know about the weather in Paris. I do know about the weather here. I have been out in it and wish I hadn't been. Sometimes Easter is as late as this and sometimes it snows at Easter in Paris; but Easter was earlier and it is not actually snowing. It is raining a lot instead. Ducks and geese love it. Fish don't even notice it.

Late Winter Hibernation

This year I put off buying a new calendar until it was too late to get one big enough to read easily. The result has been that the February school holidays jumped me, Easter sprang out from behind a bush, and now the after-Easter school holidays are on and my people have gone to other countries to dance in the rain. I think it's time for me to take a few days off, find a warm cinema, and go and see a couple of movies for a week.

For this reason, the current issue the number is 4.16/17. Watch for the next complete issue - number 4.18 - on Monday, 3. May, two weeks from today. If there is any serious news that may affect visitors to Paris before then, you will see it here as it happens.

This Was Metropole One Year Ago:

count down Eiffel TowerIssue 3.16 - 20. April 1998 - This issue featured - Café Metropole - 'In the Middle of the 'Spring' Exhibition Season' and the 'Au Bistro' column had 'Cauliflower War Victors Yet to be Named.' The issue had one feature by Tracy Turner, entitled 'The Big Easter Junk Hunt.' There were two other features, by another writer, entitled 'Hanging Out With the Freak Brothers' and 'High Floor, With 5 Million Franc View.' There were four 'Posters of the Week' and Ric's Cartoon of the Week was captioned, 'Belgian Beer.' And as usual, there were all of the thousands of spelling mistakes.

The Tour Eiffel Countdown to 31. December 1999:

Only 257 more freezing, overcast, damp, downpouring days to go.

Regards, Ric
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