Number 4.21:- Tuesday, 25. May 1999

Café Metropole - Techno Bubble Explodes - Ed Says 'Excuse Me!'

Au Bistro - State Museums Hit by Strikes - Paris' City Museums Remain Open photo: morris, poemes a lou

Scene - Paris Issues 'User's Guide' - Toyota Issues Fancy Sandwiches

Café Metropole Club News - Paint-In Gets Go Ahead

Boullay - London - Boullay - Everything Is Apple Pie In the UK by Linda Thalman

Is Paris Safe? - eMails from Janet Norton and Sedona

The Brooms May Change - eMails from Jim Auman and China

The Week's Paris Posters 1

The Week's Paris Posters 2

Ric's Cartoon - 'Is the Champs-Elysées Ready?'

Mailbox - Don't send cards; send eMail!

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