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Although the European symbol of fifteen yellow stars on a blue background was on view on mainstream French TV channels, a few zaps around them did not turn up any results from other European countries.

However, by chance I found 'EuroNews' and it appears to show the mainstream conservative parties with the most seats, followed by the socialists; with the 'greens' having a big faction. What this will mean for pan-European politics, will take more than my observations can figure out.

But now, in France, now with a European citizenship, I can look forward to voting in the next municipal elections, although these are some years from now - being only once every six years. Dr. Delfaud told me this is where the real action is - at the roots.

For some official word on this - to me - important election, check out the Web site of the European Parliament. Hitting the French angle may give you a local view.

Wretched Excess: Babble by Ric Recorded for Visions by Herb

photo: herb malsman talking to mikeOn Sunday, 16. May, Herb Malsman had me talking to his microphone for three hours in the Latin Quarter. This was reported in the 'Scene' column in issue 4.20. After considerable editing - I hope - Web broadcast time has finally rolled around, and this will be in two parts: a week from today on Monday, 21. June, and on the following Monday, 28. June.

Herb Malsman talks to mike for a minute to give me a rest.

Herb Malsman didn't know about sculptor Ousmane Sow's 'Little Big Horn' show on the Pont des Arts before he saw it, and seeing it blew him away. Tune in to his 'Visions' on Broadcast.Com's audio-book Web site to hear what my babble sounds like, plus some other Paris noises. If you don't have an audio plug-in, you'll need to download one to hear this - something I do intend to do, too.

BNF Catalogue Online

Until now, the catalogue of the new but bug-plagued very huge Bibliothèque François Mitterrand has only been available at the library itself. The 'BN-OPALE' service is now on the Web. The seven million references are available to all who have Web access, but this is only the 'front door.' To access the catalogue you also need a Telnet emulator. With the Telnet terminal VT100, the address is opale02.bnf.fr.

This Week's Photos

After well over 100 issues of this magazine, this may be the first issue to feature no photos of any site of 'touristic' value. This is not supposed to be a big deal, and now I think of it a bit, it turns out not to be true. The feature about Paris' Garden of Palms certainly has worthwhile sights to see. The 'count-down' Eiffel Tower photo below doesn't count, because it is a 'count-down' photo; shot once, used week after week. I don't know what will replace it next year.

This Was Metropole One Year Ago:

count down Eiffel TowerIssue 3.24 - 15. June 1998 - This issue featured - Café Metropole - 'Putting the Sweaters Back On' and the 'Au Bistro' column had 'Eric Tabarly Lost At Sea.' This issue had one feature entitled 'Day One of the World Cup at Trocadéro.' There were several emails from readers: 'eMail: Only Mike Harmon Thought To Ask About Soccer' and 'eMails: 'Picnic' Knives Get Another Once-Over.' 'Links for WC'98: Ready, Set - Change Shirts!' was an service feature nobody asked for. There were four 'Posters of the Week' and Ric's Cartoon of the Week was about a 'Big Screen Under a Bridge' - which was about the beginning of the World Cup 98.

The Tour Eiffel Countdown to 31. December 1999:

Only 201 more partly cloudy, partly sunny Ile-de-France pre-summer days to go until summer really happens.
signature, regards, ric

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