Who Is A. Utrillo?

photo: utrillo buyers, place tertre

Maurice Utrillo used to be here, but has not
been seen for the last 64 years.

Are His Lithos of Any Value?

Email from Stephen Rangen, via the Internet: Tuesday, 16. February 1999:-

Who is A. Utrillo and are his lithos of any value?

Email from Mike Mason, via the Internet: Thursday, 18. February 1999:-

Hi Ric

I came across one of your articles on the web.

Some time ago I came across a Utrillo copy but I know nothing about its title or the history of the original - a picture is attached as a .JPG file. Can you give me any information regarding this?


Mike Mason

Email from 'sexymbol99,' via the Internet: Friday, 26. February 1999:-

I would like any kind of info asap on Suzanne Valadon's* "Blue Room"


*Suzanne Valadon was Maurice Utrillo's mother.

Email from Annie Gianoglio, via the Internet: Thursday, 4. March 1999:-

Ric Erickson,

Hello, may name is Annie Gianoglio and I am doing a report on Maurice Utrillo. I went to your web page hoping to find some information on him, which did help me out very much. I still need a few more things about him and I was wondering if you could help me. I need the names of a few of his paintings, and some information on them. If you could help me I would be most grateful. Thank you for your time.

Annie Gianoglio

P.S. Could you send me this information as soon as possible?

Email from Teri Harker, via the Internet: Wednesday, 5. May 1999:-

Dear Mr. Erickson,

I think I have an oil painting on canvas by Maurice Utrillo. It looks very, very old and I'm interested in knowing if it is worth anything.

The painting is of a Hotel in Montmartre I believe. The name on the hotel is "Du Moulin de La Galette" or something like that. There is another name on the front of the hotel that I cannot make out - I don't know French. Above his signature in the bottom right hand corner are three words "Honrieur Batnic cordialement" or something like that. Can you help me please?

Teri Harker

Email from TUNC4M2, via the Internet: Saturday, 29. May 1999:-

I have one of your paintings from the National Gallery of Art, Washington, DC USA. It is # 1886 Maurice Utrillo. Y. 1883-1955 It is the Church of Saint Severn C. in 1913 canvas the Chester Dale Collection. It is in perfect condition. Could you please send me any inf. of its value. thanks, e- mail me

Email from Robin Rushnell, via the Internet: Saturday, 5. June 1999:-


I read with great interest your article on Maurice Utrillo. I must admit I'd never heard of him and had no idea he was considered a famous painter on the level of Van Gogh, Renoir, Gauguin, and others.

I bought one of his paintings in a thrift store for $4 because I wanted the frame. The painting, a street scene, looked to me like one of those paint-by-number kits, and I would have thought nothing of it except that on the back is the label from when it was hanging in the Memorial Art Gallery in Rochester, NY. I have no idea if it's an original or reproduction or even if it has any value. Do you have any suggestions as to where else I should look to find out?


Email from Alma Yolanda Gonzalez, via the Internet: Saturday, 19. June 1999:-

Dear Mr. Erickson:

I have read your article on Maurice Utrillo and I found it very interesting. I think I have an original little painting entitled "Noel 1936" and signed by Maurice Utrillo V. It's a nice piece of art, but I don't have any idea about how worthy it is in terms of art value. I got this painting at a garage sale here in the United States from one descendant of a Jewish family that came to America fleeing from the Nazis. I would appreciate very much your help about this piece. Thank You.

Alma Yolanda Gonzalez

'Everyone Has a Utrillo'

photo: montmartre merry go round

Looking for Utrillo on Montmartre is like riding one of these.

Bonjour Utrillo Fans -

Paris:- Sunday, 20. June 1999:- I thought I wasn't going to have any readers' emails in this issue until the one above from Alma Yolanda Gonzalez arrived today.

On average, I receive slightly more than one enquiry about Maurice Utrillo per month. Many of the above correspondents are referring to a feature I wrote in Issue 1.32 in 1996, so you can figurephoto: musee montmartre out how many months are involved. In March of 1997 I asked, "Will the Real Utrillo Stand Up?"

I reply to all enquiries. I usually say that Utrillo is the most copied painter and print-maker on the planet if not the entire universe. Reader Robin Rushnell's reply summed it up neatly when he wrote again on Monday, 14. June: "My mom told me that back in the '50s, everyone had a Utrillo in their homes and that mine most likely has no value."

But to be doubly certain, I also suggest that the writers take their 'Utrillos' to an art dealer for an appraisal. One glance is about all it takes to tell the difference between a mass-produced copy and a real painting or handmade lithograph.

Besides the big museums in Paris, there are two smaller ones with Utrillo themes. They are the Musée de Montmartre and the Musée Maurice Utrillo. The address for the first is 12. Rue Cortot, Paris 18. Open 11:00 to 18:00; closed Mondays. Info. Tel.: 01 46 06 61 11.

For the second, the Musée Maurice Utrillo is at the Place du Général Leclerc, in Sannois. Open daily except Mondays, from 10:00 to 17:00. Info. Tel.: 01 39 98 21 13.
signature, regards, ric

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