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Paris:- Saturday, 6. November 1999:- During October, I received about 170 email messages - not counting all the newsletters, spam and announcements of one sort or another.

The figure of 170 may not seem like much, because all I had to do was read them. However, 126 written replies were sent and this is about average for any month.

Not all the emails I receive concern Paris or Metropole, so I guess the figures above can be reduced by about a third - with this third representing messages to family and friends, letters to lunatics, and Web-business stuff to the server-lady, Linda Thalman, of course.

Still, it leaves about 80 messages concerning Paris or Metropole. Since all incoming emails fromphoto: boul sebasto & bike lane Metropole readers are answered, this figure of '80' is for outgoing replies; which is about 20 per week.

Now, from this traffic you might think I could easily run a weekly 'letters' column. After all, this is how I got into the publishing game - by answering readers' letters.

However, a lot of the emails I get contain 'I love Metropole' messages. These are fine for my ego, but I don't think any endless repetition of these very welcome emails would be particularly compelling to anybody other than myself.

A lot of other messages pose fairly simple questions - ones that could be taken care of with standard 'FAQs' preformatted as replies - but who wants 'FAQs?'

The following collection are messages I received from last Monday to Friday. All of them have already been answered, but I will omit the replies here.

A sampling of your messages:

Daylight Savings Time

Email from Mike Harmon, via the Internet: Monday, 1. November 1999:-

Gawd, I hate daylight savings time. My body clock always gets screwed up. The weather there looks pretty great. Here it is strangely hot. Kind of a late summer. Its La Nina just like last year. Great try at finding America in Paris. Still, it seems like it was fun looking.

Later pal,


Mike Harmon©1999
Wine Bars at Bercy?

Email from R. Muir, via the Internet: Tuesday, 2. November 1999:-

Dear Richard,

I have just been reading your on-line article about the Bercy area. I will be leaving for Paris on Thursday and was wondering if the warehouse district has been completed with wine bars, etc.? Also, do you have any suggestions for "non-touristy" spots to visit in Paris?

R. Muir

R. Muir©1999
Fast Food In France

Email from Gordon Greb, via the Internet: Tuesday, 2. November 1999:-

Dear Rik,

Amazing confessional issue! I was surprised that your past Metropole Paris policy had been to avoid putting anything American in your magazine. Now that you have broken the rule andphoto: soft drinks deliberately sought it out, I am keenly interested in what you've found and delivered to your eager readers.

When my daughter lived at Aix-en-Provence, I was delighted when she introduced me to "Hamburger Quick" on the main drag. What an innovative name for a fast food restaurant!

Thus learning from you that McDonald's in Paris calls its Big Mac "Royale with Cheese" is equally fascinating. The New Yorker should pick up this week's columns. Good idea opening membership in the club to everyone. Glad to be one of them living abroad. Keep the welcome mat out for all us free spirits who like to relax, talk, and watch the world go by.

Yours, Gordon

Gordon Greb©1999
South Africa Cheers for France

Email from Emile Joubert, via the Internet: Wednesday, 3. November 1999:-

Dear Sir

As a South African of French Huguenot descent I would just like to congratulate France on its stunning victory over New Zealand in the Rugby World Cup. I and many South Africans will be wishing the 'Tricolore' to repeat this performance on Saturday and win the World Cup.

Emile Joubert

Emile Joubert©1999
Fun With the Café

Email from Robert Bauer, via the Internet: Wednesday, 3. November 1999:-

Dear Ric,

It appears you're having fun with the Café. A bit of an ex-pat/semi-ex-pat thing. I suppose it's interesting for you to discover how your readers have come to Metropole, to Paris, and now to your table. I'll try to keep abreast.


Robert Bauer©1999
Info About Utrillo

Email from Derik Edwards, via the Internet: Thursday, 4. November 1999:-

Mr. Ric Erickson,

I am in a French 4 class in high school. Our class is currently doing a project on certain artists from different time periods. My artist is Maurice Utrillo. If it is at all possible, would you please send any information on this great painter to me? Your help would be appreciated. Thanks!

Derik Edwards

Derik Edwards©1999
'Brésil baroque' URL

Email from Martha Prieto, via the Internet: Thursday, 4. November 1999:-


L'exposition "Brésil baroque" est présentée sur un site Internet, voudriez vous bien proposer un lien vers ce site? ?

Merci d'avance
Martha Prieto - DCC - Union Latine

Martha Prieto©1999
Beaujolais Nouveau

Email from Iwona Liberek, via the Internet: Friday, 5. November 1999:-

Dear Mister Erickson!

As I am writing I am thinking: how many hundreds of such letters you would have to answer to get to mine?

Well. I will try not to be put off by that fact since I live in Poland and not have much contact with "wine society" or simply good wines. I find it - writing directly to wine authoritiesphoto: cafe davina pita like you - the best opportunity to learn something new about wine and follow the wine novelties.

I am a great fan of wine itself and a wine culture in general (I have spent some time in Canada and Italy working with wine, in the field as well as in some fine restaurants).

After I had come back to my home country - Poland, I have realized that there is a long way before people here start to share my enthusiasm for drinking good wine. I've decided to add my voice to a long and strenuous process of educating Polish society on this nobel subject and I am going to write something for some Polish, nation-wide magazines and naturally my first theme is going to be Beaujolais Nouveau '99.

Since my access to the French press is limited (I am not fluent in French yet) I would like to ask you for information on :

- How is the arrival of Beaujolais Nouveau being commented on this year in the press?

- What particular events are happening in Paris to celebrate launch of the new wine?

- Is the popularity of Beaujolais decreasing considering that there are other new wines - Australian, South African - being released first? (I've read this on BBC site)

- I've heard that Beaujolais Nouveau has become renowned thanks to some articles that appeared in Parisian press in the years of 1940 - 42, and some comments made by Jean Gabin...? Do You know anything about it?

Thank You in advance for your kind attention

With best regards

Iwona Liberek

Iwona Liberek©1999
Steady Hands

Email from Heather Stimmler, via the Internet: Friday, 5. November 1999:-

Okay, so maybe my photos weren't so steady after all... or was it the light? :) Liked the Americanism in Paris article. I used to live up next to the Hard Rock cafe, otherwise, I wouldn't have known where it was either. Have a good weekend!


Heather Stimmler©1999

Dear Readers and Writers -

The fatal date for Beaujolais Nouveau day is Thursday, 18. November, worldwide. Heather's hands were steady; the 'light' flumoxed the camera.
signature, regards, ric

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