Is 'Flufflenutter' a Real Word?

photo: la corona exterior

Rain on the Quai du Louvre; warmth inside the café.

News About the 'Café Metropole Club'

Paris:- Saturday, 4. December 1999:- Thursday's club meeting was on an ordinary Thursday in early December in Paris. This is, incidently, the last December of the 20th century, which makes it unordinary.

The 21st century starts on Monday, 1. January 2001. I do not know what the year between now and then will be called. Perhaps it is an orphan Annie.

The weather was ordinary last Thursday too. Paris traffic was normal, without any taxi strikes. In fact, Paris may have been extraordinary, without any strikes, demonstrations or protest marches.

I had a hectic morning, which I followed up with a certain amount of keyboard-pounding and a rapido lunch; which led me to desire a siesta as the club began.

As I mentioned last week, your club is attracting all sorts of odd interest. Some people think the Café Metropole Club is a sort of club for American 'ex-pats' in Paris.

They must have read what I wrote about expatriates last week and decided that we are not bona-fide 'American ex-pats,' because nobody showed up to explore our brains for our 'typical experiences.'

In fact, I may have written in haste because there is a Metropole reader who is threatening to come, who is looking for some kind of midwestern US-style noodles. This one is a Doctor-Doctorphoto: kathleen sees bag of the Cosmos thing - maybe known to friends as Dr. Cosmo - but I do not know if he is also an 'American ex-pat' or simply somebody looking for exotic foodstuffs.

Kathleen Bouvier examines Jan Shaw's bag. Note its lack of a distinctive name-brand logo.

Speaking of same, Dana Shaw was totally amazed that I had never heard of 'marshmallow fluff.' He said it could be sprayed on other foodstuffs, such as oysters. Okay, not on oysters. He really said on peanutbutter sandwiches; which is just as amazing as oysters as far as I am concerned.

I mean, there are oyster fanciers and there are peanutbutter sandwich fanciers, and one could be a fancier of both; but with marshmallow fluff sprayed on - I think not.

After this, the Shaws also described in great detail the wonders of attending a Cordon Bleu session. After three hours of drooling, the audience gets to try the food that has been prepared by the students. The Shaws said the sweating leeks filled with sauce Béarnaise were really good.

You see? Café Metropole Club meetings are not your usual humdrum affairs like the ones the Junior Forest Rangers have. One major difference is that we are in Paris.

There was no 'City of the Week' at Thursday's meeting, although Kathleen Bouvier was present and I suspect she is keeping a couple of 'Cities of the Week' up her sleeves to launch on an unsuspecting membership if the occasion calls for it.

Although nobody brought it up, as 'Ed' of the Café Metropole Club, I do not hesitate to say I still have nothing personally against Athens, Ohio, again.

Why not? Simply this: the mention of the creation of a board game called 'Trivial Paris' last week produced not one whit of an echo. I ran the flag up the pole and there was no wind and no salute at all. Instead of hauling this limp rag of an idea down, I cut its strings.

I suppose that when I run out of brilliant ideas once and for all, this is when the people who turn brilliant ideas into vast merchandizing empires with huge public stock offer launches, will be beating down my door.

It'll be sort of like winning the 'big pot' of the Loto after my Carte de Séjour has expired for the final time.

Despite all the 'nos' and 'did not happens' relating to the club's last meeting, I thought it was a big success. The only new word I had to learn was 'flufflenutter.' Translated into German, it is 'fluffelnutter' of course.

This account has been abbreviated slightly on account of giving copyright and WWW lessons this afternoon to a young lady who is taller than I am. When she puts on high heels, she is a tree-topper.

For an account of last Thursday's weekly 'Club' meeting - in case you haven't already read it - hit the hyperlink to see what happened.

The Café Metropole Club Membership Card

The discussions about the club's membership card have fallen into a state of non-happenings. Whether this state is from boredom, indifference or total apathy is hard to tell.

For those of you joining this page for the first time, let mephoto: virtual membership card point out that the possession of the membership card is so unobligatory, I don't know why I even mention it.

The real Café Metropole Club membership card. Carry it with pride.

However, the actual card, as reproduced here, potentially contains millions of vibrant colors; far more than any standard computer system set of only 256 dull and boring colors.

Printing it in black and white is therefore highly unrecommended. In mere black and white, it looks like some scrap ripped out of a poorly-printed flyer for sunlight treatments.

For 'virtual' or real Café Metropole Club members who have come in late you will note that this is a 'virtual' membership card. If you want to carry one around with you - perhaps to prove that you belong to an exclusive* club in Paris - you will have to make a print of it; in full color, if possible.

*'Exclusive' in this sense means that it is the only Café Metropole Club in Paris that accepts anybody as members, and their pets if they are not fluffy. People from other planets or star systems are requested to not apply. If you have not had actual contacts with such people, there is no need to mention it.

The Whole History of the Café Metropole Club

With its eighth meeting behind it, the 'Whole History' of the Café Metropole Club has gotten so incredibly long and mind-deadenly boring that to repeat it would be patently redundant. It is therefore, hereby, suppressed. Older versions of its 'History' do remain online, somewhere in ' All Past Issues.'

The Café Metropole Club Is a Good-Value Club The 'Club' is excellent value for what it costs but it has no actual or virtual real benefits, except for being free. Its sole purpose is to offer an opportunity for its 'Ed' to meet whoever shows up at its weekly meetings - or read the paper if nobody bothers to attend. This has happened almost once.

The club's meetings are held in the centrally-located café La Corona in Paris. This café has drink, tabacco products, post-cards and food, which includes onion soup.

Other than warning you about how hot this may be when served, I only wish to add that La Corona does not have any potholed leeks on its menu, with or without 'flufflenutter.'

'Virtual' membership is not only permitted, but encouraged - no one is excluded from membership by failure to be in Paris. Possession of the now somewhat aged 'virtual' membership card is not obligatory if you do not have a color printer.

For some weeks now I have been saying that reading the club's online magazine, 'Metropole Paris,' is not obligatory.

This non-policy has changed to one that is slightly more positive. Be sure to read Metropole next Thursday for the latest news of the club's latest meeting. If you are having a siesta then, don't worry. We probably are, too.

Practical Information

Here are the day, time and location details for you to note:

photo: location map, la coronaCafé-Tabac La Corona
2. Rue de l'Amiral Coligny
Paris 1. Métro: Louvre-Rivoli or Pont-Neuf
Every Thursday at 15:00, until 17:00.

La Corona has a small 'salle' beside the bar and a large 'salle' behind the bar. There is a small terrace on the Rue de l'Amiral Coligny side, which faces west; and a big terrace on the Quai de Louvre side, which faces south. The club meetings are held at the far end of the big 'salle.'

When you enter the bar area of La Corona you will not immediately see any club activity. To find it, go around the left side of the bar, away from the 'tabac' section of the café.

If you are unfamiliar with bars, the one in La Corona has a zinc top and has beer handles sticking up like antlers. Near the cash register, you might see a little wire stand holding hard-boiled eggs. Go left past the eggs and turn right to find the 'club.'

If all else fails, simply ask whoever is behind the bar - in any language that suits you - 'Où est le club?' ['Club' is pronounced 'cloob.']

See you soon - A bientôt à Paris,
signature, regards, ric

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