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The car acquired this name after the manufacturer recently decided to quit calling cars by number - in this case a Renault 19, I think - and gave its entire model line a whole batch of names.

Some of these remind me of spices or stagnant pools of water, but 'Mégane' reminded my of a nice young lady I once knew whose name was Meagan.

I can't understand why the family name of 'Renaud' wasn't challenged too.

Man of the Century

The French have voted for Charles De Gaulle for their 'Man of the Century' according to Le Parisien, who hired the CSA polling firm to ask a representativephoto: coquelet des landes sample of 1016 men and women 'on the street.'

This French hero beat out all the other suggestions put forward by getting a score of 56 percent. Even if the three percent of 'don't knows' are subtracted, Charles De Gaulle still leads all other candidates.

Those asked were allowed to choose any leading personality so long as they were political. The second choice for the French was therefore Nelson Mandela, followed by John Kennedy.

A very tiny, very edible, French bird.

François Mitterrand is still held in high esteem by the French, and he was placed fourth; and was the only other Frenchman chosen. France being France, Mao beat Stalin, five percent to two percent. Stalin was even beaten by the 'don't knows.'

Issue of the Century

In another Le Parisien-CSA poll, the same number of people - possibly the same people as in the poll above - were asked what they considered to be the century's most important issue.

In 1944 General De Gaulle and the National Liberation Committee announced the granting of voting powers for French women. The following year women inphoto: boulangerie, cakes France voted for the first time, and in the hurly-burly of this they elected 33 deputies to sit in the National Assembly.

Part of my neighborhood decor.

So this 'right to vote' for women was judged the century's most important political event in France, just beating out paid holidays and getting five times the score accorded to the importance of the impending 35-hour work week.

This goes a long way towards explaining why Charles De Gaulle is rightfully considered by a majority of all the French, to be their 'Man of the Century.'


There is no sports news this week because Norway won the ladies handball in the final, beating out the plucky French girls who were doing great until the last goal which ended the second overtime period. Bravo Norway!

French Web Life This Week

Inside Paris, Again

I'm going to let 'Mon Quartier' run another week because it is a Web site that presents Paris by the activities of Parisians in their arrondissements, quartiers and 'villages.' It has lists of local businesses and merchants, public services, local news and a large area devoted to local associations and artistic activities.

Shorties: - All you wanted to know about dance is featured by 'Imagidanse,' if what you wanted to know is about classic danse. If your memory is short and you can read French, you might be interested in 'Je Me Souviens du XXe Siècle,' but then again, maybe you would rather forget it - or pick another century. If French moviegoer opinions appeal to you, these can be found on the Allociné Web site, which also does TV.

Some of the suggestions for these Web site references have been supplied by 'Internet Actu.' For more weird stuff, give The Liar's Chronicles a shot. If you understand French, look around for anything by Pierre Lazuly and his acid pen.

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