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photo: left to right: ed, dana, jan, dick, carol

From left to right: Ed, Dana, Jan, Dick and Carol.
Photo: Adrian Leeds©1999

News from the 'Café Metropole Club'

Paris:- Thursday, 16. December 1999:- It may be sleeting or snowing in other parts of France, it may be near freezing, it may be damp and windy like it was yesterday, but today in Paris is perfect for Christmas shoppers, and being inside at the Café Metropole Club.

For this reason I do not loiter around outside the café La Corona, getting endless new photos of it; lit up by its real winter sun without heat.

I have had indications that prospective new members cannot find their way past the bar and around the back to the 'grande salle' where the weekly meetings are held. Every week I've written that they must pass the eggs and turn left after the beer taps.

There are no eggs today! None to be seen anywhere. The beer taps are very visible and I take eight photos of them. Monsieur Ferrat, the club's waiter, says there is a member in attendance already. I pop off another shot of the beer taps. Eight are never enough.

Dana Shaw is indeed waiting for the club to start. He has come early because he wants to tell me how tophoto: club metro sandwich pronounce his name. I don't tell him about my tin ear. I try it out a couple of times; we discuss what sort of accent it should have. These, the Internet doesn't have.

Your club's official sandwich is eggless.

Monsieur Ferrat gives Jan Shaw a correct, European-style handshake when she arrives. He should, because she tells me she stood up in a gondola on Paris' Big Wheel, to get better photos. They didn't show her their video photos of her standing up.

The very famous Adrian Leeds makes a grand entrance. She has written the guide to Paris restaurants, with meals under 100 francs. We have had our differences, but she is a good egg.

Jan says, "Remind me to buy an Eiffel Tower on the way out." These are available at La Corona, which has a nice selection of them. Dana wonders if the people who work outside on the marchés wear thermal underclothing.

After Adrian has removed her 'Resistance-style' béret, she orders a 'noisette.' Jan, Dana andphoto: dale gaber I fall silent until this arrives, because Jan tried to order one last week - and got something not quite right. Monsieur Ferrat remembers this too and brings the right thing. Adrian wonders why we are looking so intently at her 'noisette.'

When asked how she got into the restaurant-guide business, Adrian says, "I just like to eat," adding, "I've got to eat anyhow."

An elegant addition to club membership: Dale Gaber from New Orleans.

Adrian learned to eat in New Orleans, so this becomes the 'City of the Week.' We ask her to say 'New Orleans' in New Orleans-style and she does it three different ways. She says it is spelled like this: 'N'Awlins.'

Carol and Dick Madden arrive. Carol has just arrived in Paris, while Dick has been here for a while, doing something scientific in a southern suburb, somewhere off in the bushes in the direction of the Cadillac Ranch.

Now that I have the chance, I ask him if he is a Dr. Dr. Professor. He says only one Dr., thanks. He was doing it in Israel and in Geneva, and it's something spacy. Dana says Mark Kritz does weather - which is spacy too when you think of it.

Mark never told me. This makes two Dr. Weathers I know. I think the other one is a Dr. Dr. It means, between the four I know altogether, they have seven Doctorates, and I am not including my dentist who is has one too.

Adrian offers to take our group photo. I warn her about the white blotches the sunlight beams cause and cross my fingers because these have mucked up a lot of photos before. Adrian shoots the unfamiliar camera fine, and this is the photo we use.

Adrian's friend Dale Gaber comes in and gets installed. She speaks very pure 'N'Awlins'-style and it sounds good; not like that fake Hollywood stuff.

"Gumbo and Crawfish etouffée," Adrian says they had on Wednesday, "At the 'Thanksgiving."' She is not plugging her guide book - or this restaurant - she just wants her tax inspector to know she is really 'on the job,' and not just eating for the fun of it.

Carol tells me she is from Wisconsin. I tell her it can't be 'City of the Week' because we had it before and this week it is New Or-leons already. She doesn't mind, saying it is, "Like Paris, it's got a lot of cheese."

Everybody tries to think of what style of wrought-iron work is in thephoto: adrian leeds French Quarter of New Orleans, and it sounds to me like all the guesses are wrong. Maybe it came in when Davy Crocket 'fit' the Battle of New Orleans? Kentucky-style, this means.

For some reason, my Café Metropole Club 'notes' stop here. I am pretty sure the meeting went on a little longer, but after thinking it over I am not so sure. Maybe the Club's new pen isn't the big deal I said it was last week.

Adrian Leeds does a restaurant guide and 'eats to live.'

To sum up, your Club in Paris did really well today by gaining four new real charter members, half of them from New Orleans.

Dick told me he was already a 'virtual' charter member, because he waved his hand - either one - in some area over his head three times, and repeated 'I am a virtual member of the Café Metropole Club in Paris.' One time was enough to do it, he added.

Oops, I almost forgot. the 'food of the week' is La Corona 'Club' sandwich that you can see in the photo above. Jan Shaw wanted eggs in it, but some cad ate them all before the club started today. Monsieur Ferrat was desolated.

Date, Time and Location of Next Meeting

photo: noisette cafeNext Thursday, 23. December, is a not-quite perfectly ordinary Thursday because it is the day before Christmas Eve - meaning it is the next-to-last chance for possible late-night shopping - in France.

The famous 'noisette' as served in La Corona.

The café La Corona meeting place will be as open as usual, so the time for your club's meeting still is from 15:00 to 17:00. If you like eggs in your La Corona 'Club' sandwich, come extra early. The place is:

Café-Tabac La Corona
2. Rue de l'Amiral Coligny
Paris 1. Métro: Louvre-Rivoli or Pont-Neuf

A bientôt à Paris,
signature, regards, ric

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