The Dollar of the Week Is the 'Sacajawea'

photo: club area in corona's grande salle

Three entire club members do not fill up the club's
area in the café.

'Monaco' Is the Drink of the Week

Paris:- Thursday, 3. February 2000:- Just before Luxembourg the bus driver says we are going to take a tour around the Panthéon instead of heading straight down the regular route; down the Boulevard Saint-Michel.

After all the passengers who do not want to take this surprise excursion get off, the bus advances far enough for the driver to see that the boulevard is not all that blocked, so he announces that he is changing the bus's route back to the normal one.

This is fine with me, except the bus is not making its usual speedy headway - with the boulevard narrowedphoto: cappuccino for road works. At Châtelet I have exactly five minutes to hoof 550 metres to La Corona. By sticking to the Seine and bouguinniste side of the quay I avoid a lot of obstacles.

This is not the 'pudding of the week,' but Allan's cappuccino.

At the café, Patrick the waiter is excited. A member is already waiting! As I try to get the week's 'café' photos, Kathleen Bouvier bursts in. Everybody shakes hands and everybody 'bisous' everybody. What a happy family we are! I must make the rest the of La Corona crew into club members too.

Actually, it is two new members who are in the 'grande salle' waiting impatiently to sign the member's booklet. Since they have arrived before me, I can't tell who is first.

Marie Bergeonneau lives in Paris now and she lived in Paris for three years before she lived in Los Angeles for a couple of years, studying and learning good things. Before the first time she was in Paris, I assume she grew up in France, but I forget to ask her where.

Patrick is hovering for our orders and Marie orders a 'Monaco,' which nobody but Patrick has heard of before. It is a mixture of beer, limonade and grenadine.

I'm not sure if the 'limonade' is the European version of 'soda' or of some lemon drink. Whatever it is, it becomes the club's 'Drink of the Week.' Katheen has what she had last time - 'Suze with Cassis.' It must be addictive.

After the first time she tried it, Chris wrote from the UK to tell me Suze is the same as the Blackphoto: monaco Forest's 'Enzian,' but I'm not sure this is true because I remember Enzian as being some sort of high-test schnapps made out of gin berries. Suze doesn't smell like gin; but my nose doesn't work well so he may be right.

At the same time Patrick has delivered a cappuccino to the club's other new 'real' member, Allan Pangborn. I have never ever seen anything like it before, but I've only spent about 45 minutes in Italy, in a tiny north-east corner.

The 'drink of the week' is Marie's 'Monaco,' which I've never heard of before.

Allan's wife has two coffee shops, so he knows his cappuccino insideout. Since Marie has given us the 'Drink of the Week,' Allan gives the club its 'Food of the Week' - this bomber of a cappuccino! - and its 'Village of the Week,' Paterson, Oregon.

"They say its population is 300," he says, "But I don't think there's that many." This possibly makes Paterson smaller than Aldie, Virginia - but 'village' is village if its population is under 2500.

Kathleen and Marie trade Los Angeles palm tree stories while Allan hands around his photos. He has been to visit Paris-Las Vegas and we all admire the night shots of Nevada's Tour Eiffel. I notice that by having one smaller than the original, it is easier to fit into a photo.

About this time last year, Allan helped me take some photos of one of Concorde's fountains, for some architects in Utah. They had the job of building the replica for Paris-Las Vegas, and Allan has a couple of photos of the version of the one in the mini-Paris inphoto: new member, allan pangborn the desert. With the replica Tour Eiffel looming over it, Concorde's absence is noticeable.

Allan has brought all sorts of treasures to show us Continentals. One of these is a brand-new dollar coin, which may not yet be in circulation in the USA.

Allan 'The Flying Wineguy' Pangborn makes a surprise visit to the club.

This coin, which the camera refuses to find, is named 'Sacajawea,' after the Indian wife of Toussaint Charbonneau. The explorers Lewis and Clark wanted to hire her as a guide, but they had to bring old Charbonneau along as an interpreter.

After a tough winter they crossed the Rockies the hard way on Monday, 12. August 1805. On the western slope they luckily bumped into Sacajawea's brother who lent them some horses and the party eventually found the Columbia River and the Pacific Ocean on 7. November.

There was no highway called Route 66 in those days, so the explorers only got back to St. Louis in September of 1806. If you ever see one of these new dollar coins, I hope you will remember this story, because I had to look it up.

This brings your club's 17th meeting to a satisfactory end. We even do a bit of overtime before going through the entry routine in reverse. Outside it is dark but not raining and not very cold. Up by the métro entrance at Rivoli, a fellow is roasting chestnuts and they smell like burnt hazelnut shells.

Date, Time and Location of Next Meeting

Thursday, 11. February 2000 - opening day of the Rétromobile 2000 exhibition or not - is the date for the club's very next meeting. If you cannot make it, please take the time to induct yourselves as 'virtual' members in your exclusive Paris club.

All readers of Metropole are reminded that they may become members of the Café Metropole Club very easily. If not in Paris, you can inductphoto: int corona, quai du louvre yourself as a 'virtual' member. If you are in Paris, all you need to do is show up for a club meeting and sign the member's booklet. I will lend you my own Bic pen to do this.

Club members are inside and outside La Corona Paris is grey again.

The café La Corona meeting place will be as open as usual, so the time for your club's meeting remains from 15:00 to 17:00, regardless of whether anybody besides its staff and your club's secretary are present.

Come any time you feel like as long as it is not much later than 15:00 and you are in Paris. If you are not present and do not know the ritual for becoming a 'virtual' member, you should read the regular Monday PR page for your club instead. The place is:

Café-Tabac La Corona
2. Rue de l'Amiral Coligny
Paris 1. Métro: Louvre-Rivoli or Pont-Neuf

A bientôt à Paris,
signature, regards, ric

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