Salute To Texas Six Flags

photo: louvre terrace, corona

For non-club members, Paris looked like this today.

Metropole Scoops WSJ On Dollar

Paris:- Thursday, 10. February 2000:- I was about to take the shortcut from the Rue de Seine through the Institut de France to the Pont des Arts on my way to today's club meeting, when two gendarmes stopped my progress on the orders of President Chirac.

This shortcut is about five metres long and beyond it I could see no reason why I shouldn't be allowed through. But gendarmes have guns, badges, portable radios, uniforms and gendarme hats and after my pro-forma Parisian splutter and a passerby civilian talking me out of trying to make a run for it, I walked around the building.

And sure enough there was a red carpet out and ten Républican guards on the steps of the Institut and a couple of guys in black suits; andphoto: kathleen, allan across the street a crowd of a dozen and a half on the Pont des Arts were waiting for the president to finish his business and leave the building.

From left to right: Kathleen, Kathleen's back, and Allan.

With my responsibility as the Café Metropole Club's secretary, I could not waste my time on this sort of rubbernecking, so I hastened across the bridge to the Louvre side and clumped through the rain to La Corona.

For the first 45 minutes of today's meeting Allan Pangborn and I had the club's corner of La Corona to ourselves. We discussed the weighty issues of the 'Sacajawea' dollar coup and the attempt to discredit Amiral Coligny, until Kathleen Bouvier arrived.

After this the matter of travelling stills was thoroughly chewed over. This involves having a flat-deck truck with a still on it and travelling around and distilling stuff for good folks who have the raw materials for making booze.

This might be done in Normandy with apples or in Alsace with pears. Landing at uphillphoto: croissant club food airports was also discussed but I can't remember why we did this.

In the course of our conversation we asked today's waiter Patrick for refill-ups, and Kathleen decided to switch from whatever she started with to Patrick's suggestion of a 'petit' rouge.

Croissants were not nominated for the club's 'Food of the Week.'

This arrived in a quarter-litre jug. The 'petit' is not about the size, but about the character of the beverage itself. It means the wine is light and not overly muscular.

Kathleen said it was her favorite drink. "Stretched out in a bathtub," she said, "With a 'little' red wine, nicely chilled and handy, when the outside temperature is 93 degrees with 93 percent humidity."

Before she had to leave for a dinner party, she had to study her métro and street map very closely, for a long time. Just as she finished this, Lewis Rosenthal and Diana Rushing arrived with the impression that '15:00' is 5 pm, when 5 pm is actually 17:00 in Europe.

With their arrival, the club gained Austin, Texas as 'City of the Week.' This was a good thing, because up until these new 'real' members came in, we hadn't given proper thought to the ritual 'City of the Week, 'Drink of the Week' or 'Food of the Week.'

Lewis and Diana also supplied some wonderful lore about Texas that other members from Texas have neglected to mention. For example, in some parts of Texas, Bastille Day is celebrated.

This is because Texas once had six flags and one of them was French. The one before this was Spanish - assuming the Aztec's had no flags - and it was followed by Mexico's, then the Republic of Texas, the Union flag, the Confederate flag; and back to the Union flag.

If Texans didn't like working so much, they could celebrate the holidays of all these different flags and the remaining work-year would only amount to 17 days.

Allan is very handy to have as a club member in person, because he seems to know just about everybodyphoto: the rosenthals, ric - photo by allan pangborn in the United States and a good many people in Austria, Finland, Italy and Barcelona. So of course he met a guy named 'Joe' while waiting in line at the opera in Vienna in '74 - who now lives a few blocks from Lewis and Diana.

From left: Lewis Rosenthal, Diana Rushing and 'Ed.' Photo: Allan Pangborn©2000
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