'What Demo Was That?'

photo: l->r, diane, nancy, byron, kathleen, allan

Today's club members, from left to right: Diane, Nancy, Byron, Kathleen and Allan.

Paris' First Daffodil Sighted!

Paris:- Thursday, 24. February 2000:- I made a foolish error. A couple of days ago I wrote to a 'real' club member, saying I needed 'a spark.' Around noon today, I found some of my wires sparkling - the vital ones! - and could not get a quick fix or any other kind.

It might only need a turn of a screwdriver, but if I get it wrong with my 94 year-old wiring I am on the ground floor and my landlord lives upstairs over me, and there are several floors of neighbors above him. So I pulled the plug on the whole thing.

With this on my mind I arrive at today's club meeting, under grey skies and temperatures above normal. As usual I have come a bitphoto: club during drink early 'in case of I don't know what' and to take a few grey-day photos on the way. This makes the camera's battery signal flash the message: "I'm nearly empty, so watch out!"

'Fine,' I think, 'No power in the shop and now there's going to be no club meeting pictures to not download and not put online with no club report today.'

This is a typical 'during the club' drink - a pot of beaujolais.

'The show,' as some maniac said, 'Must go on.' I paste on as much grin as I can bear, and trade the handshakes all round going into La Corona. The patron says, "A member came yesterday," and gives me a card. The patron says another card has been left with a message on it. This one, I forget to get.

Allan Pangborn comes in while I'm arranging the club's members' and reports' booklets. I give him back his Champagne photos and we settle down for a two-hour chat, with me sort of hoping Mr. Smith from Tennessee will show up, but deep inside I know he won't because it is that kind of day.

But not quite. Nancy and Byron Pinckert edge their way up from the vicinity of the bar, past the ferns, and say the magic word, which is 'Metropole.'

"Welcome to the club!" I babble. 'Just my luck; brand-new members on a day of shambles. They'll think I'm the king of the boobies.'

To prove I'm not - Byron has brought his Café Metropole Club membership card - but hasn't filled it in. I offer to counter-sign it and date it if he will do it, and another 'club first' is achieved: the first club membership card verified by the club's secretary and 'Ed.'

But my fears don't pan out. Kathleen Bouvier waltzes in with her 'spark' and she is followed by Diane Rushing, who became a new member two weeks ago. Today's club meeting has what amounts to a comfortable 'house.'

So we lift the curtain on the 'City of the Week' which turns out to be Long Beach, California. Byron Pinckert verifies for me that Long Beach is so called because it has a long beach, which is easily as apt as 'Boondocks' having both a boon and a docks - which has nothing to do with Long Beach.

Actually, the Pinckerts do not live 'on the beach' but on a canal; which is one of many, "Like Venice," and yes, like "The other Venice, a few miles north."

None of this may be as actually funny as I'm trying to make it sound, but if you are reading this - the dateline above is correct which means I have craftily secured emergency electricity and just scraped up enough photos off the bottom of the batteries to get by.

The Pinckerts also have a legitimate 'Question of the Day.' One of my jobs as club secretary is to answer these, so I am glad when new club members remember to ask them.

"What was that demonstration we saw near Invalides yesterday?" is the question of the day. "We didn't seen anything in the papers about it."

I rewind my memory as fast as it will go. The nearest answer I can get - but I get a hint first: "They looked like meatpackers and they had red signs with 'F.O.' on them."

'Aha!' I sort out hospital workers from postal workers from firemen from parents-teachers-and-students, huntersphoto: l->r, diane, nancy and dog-catchers; it was, "Hospital workers," I say in triumph. Explaining the 35-hour work week is not quite so successful, as well as being pretty boring.

Meanwhile we are having 'Drinks of the Week' that we've had before so they don't really qualify. Allan has his usual small glass of wine - Gewürtztraminer - which is about one gulp, so he gets another small pot of it.

Diane and Nancy give the camera big smiles even though they know its batteries are nearly flat.

Kathleen knows better, and starts off with the Suze-Cassis combo which Byron also has, while Nancy and Diane have beaujolais.

Last week Diane missed the club by going to the sunny and warm Aix in the south of France, where it was chilly and windy. A few weeks ago, Bill Dunlap said it was good down there too.

The Pinckerts are both designers; with Byron being an architect. His favorite 'architectural' experience in Paris is the Musée Picasso, which he says, "Puts the vision of the artist into an interior shell."

Another charter club member said some time ago that visitors there tended to boggle in doorways, but Byron shrugged it off. "Just more time to look at the paintings in the rooms."

Like many other charter club members, the Pinckerts have been to Paris several times. "We never get to go anywhere else," says Nancy. However, this trip has an unusual twist to it, because Byron's employees gave it to the couple as a Christmas gift.

In return, he is taking photos with a cannon of a Sony and putting them online on his company's Web site. He says his company uses Webcams on building projects, so he can also see what's going on while he's away.

Kathleen lets us know about a stunning discovery she's made. "I saw daffodils today!" she says.

Since she has not lived in Paris for a whole year yet, she doesn't know that, in principle, Paris has no daffodils in February and it is lucky to get tulips by mid-May. She saw them besidephoto: l->, byron, kathleen, allan the A13 autoroute in Auteuil. She says she had a good look at them because she was in a huge traffic jam.

"Momma of Dada," she says, zipping on to another subject somehow. I am thinking that I should see my landlord to tell him about how I saved his apartment from being destroyed by fire, and I am really sorry to be leaving the club just as 'Dada' has come up, but there's no help for it.

Good mood people; Byron, Kathleen and Allan - who know the same thing about the batteries. 'Cheese,' anyway.

When I leave the club members are truly into arcane California lore - 'I Shock Myself' - and trying out new 'Cities of the Week' like Ojai - darn! I wish I could hear about this.

Outside, on the Quai du Louvre traffic is having its usual Thursday night five o'clock case of nerves before settling into its sullen, total, glob of tincans full of nailbiters.

At five o'clock, it's too early for wageslaves to have been given their temporary freedom, so the métro is empty enough for me to get a jumpseat - which is a great place to have while mentally adding up all the extension cords I think I may possess.

Date, Time and Location of Next Meeting

Thursday, 2. March 2000 is the real date for the club's next meeting. Today's meeting was not on 25. February as I wrote here last week, and it wasn'tphoto: club after drink on Wednesday either. If it is Thursday, you can say "It must be Café Metropole Club day!"

The café La Corona meeting place will be as open as usual next Thursday, so the time for your club's meeting remains from 15:00 to 17:00 - which is also known as 3 pm to 5 pm in certain unmetric time zones.

And here are the remains of the 'afters' drinks.

Come as you are, especially if you are in Paris. If you cannot be present and do not know the ritual for becoming a 'virtual' member, you should read the regular Monday PR page for your club instead. The place is:

A bientôt à Paris,
signature, regards, ric

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