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photo: cafe corona

The Louvre and La Corona, from the Pont Neuf

News About the 'Café Metropole Club'

Paris:- Saturday, 19. February 2000:- Sunlight blasted the club's meeting area in the Café La Corona last Thursday, sometimes making it difficult for members to see each other or their drinks.

At the beginning of the weekly meeting there were next to no people outside on the café's Quai du Louvre terrace, but an hour later, it was pretty full. This caused the club's waiter, Patrick, to forget to propose any 'food of the week' - which is a shame because club members have not tried all of the café's treasures on its menu.

Last Thursday was also a day on which the café was fairly crowded; due to the rest of France having winter holidays and being in Paris instead of up on some Alp.

Parisians, in contrast, were on their Alp of choice, where they were finding it more expensive than being on some semi-warm beach in, say, Tunisia. Last Thursday, Parisians were getting psyched-up for the weekend's 'red-traffic' warning for their return to Paris.

Your club booked in one new member. Peg Parrish arrived from Alpharetta GA by way of Atlanta, Roissy, a taxi to an apartment in Paris, and some method of locomotion from there to the club; which left her a bit breathless. Thursday was Peg's first day in her life in Paris.

As club secretary, I am very pleased that she chose to become a member of it so early in her Paris experience. She was quite whooshed, and had alsophoto: grande salle booked a sauce session at the Cordon Bleu school, which is on the way to Paris-Expo and Rétromobile - where she intended to pick up some Mini, 2CV and Triumph-related souvenirs.

A big view of the 'grande salle,' where club meetings are held.

Allan Pangborn was again present and long-standing Charter Member Dan Levine from New York City dropped in to pass some time before a business meeting in the Quartier Latin. But you can read all about this in last Thursday's club 'report.'

During the week, no potential new members who were in Paris wrote to say that they neglected to come by and join the club. But these members tend to send me emails after they get home; saying how close they were to becoming 'real' and they may not have returned home yet.

If you have been in Paris and have even been in the club's café La Corona - but not on a club day or time - do not worry. Your club in Paris will be carrying on for a long time to come as far as I know.

On the other hand, if you are not in Paris but up on a French Alp, then I hope you are having a good time even if it is a bit expensive up there, as well as likely to be wet and chilly.

Charter Club Member Invitation

The invitations to 'virtual' club members who have become 'real' Charter Members by taking active part in a weekly Café Metropole Club meeting in the café La Corona were sent out by email last week.

So far, about a third of registered Charter Members have replied positively. The other two-thirds of you have not replied at all. I am not assuming you will not reply or reply negatively, but I can't distribute the list with your email addresses until you do.

In case anybody has forgotten what this is about, Charter 'real' Member Kathleen suggested that 'real' members be polled about having their names and email addresses on a listphoto: entry, quai du louvre that would be distributed to the other 'real' Charter Members.

Any 'real' Charter Member who is not in agreement will be left off the list - but will remain a 'real' member because official pages cannot be torn out of the 'real' members' sign-in booklet.

There is also a problem with the email invitation I sent out. Some members cannot put the 'X' where it is supposed to go, or they cannot delete the option they do not want. If this has happened to you, just send me a new email message with some expression of your choice. If necessary, you can do this with a postcard too.

I will allow a bit more time for Charter Members to return from their skiing or winter soak-up-sun holidays before distributing the list to 'real' members who have already agreed to the conditions.

For those who have not agreed, the list will be sent out without your email addresses on it. There is no time limit for sending in your decision.

The 'Report' of the Club's Last Meeting

If you want to know how Alpharetta GA got to be 'City of the Week' last Thursday, you can read the unofficial account of last Thursday's weekly Club meeting - even if you have already read this report.

The Café Metropole Club Is Still Good-Value

The sole purpose of the Café Metropole Club is to offer an opportunity for the readers of the online magazine 'Metropole Paris' to meet its 'Ed,' and each other at its weekly meetings in Paris. If no members are actually present at a meeting, the 'Ed' will be in the Café La Corona, quietly perplexed, wondering if he is missing a good siesta.

If you read Metropole regularly, you will find that your 'Club' is astonishing value for what it costs - nothing - even though it has no actual real, pretended or 'virtual' benefits, except for being absolutely free.

This 'pretended' benefit is meeting 'Ed' and the club's members who happen to be at meetings. Rising membership seems to show that some members think membership is a benefit, and I don't want to argue with them even if I suspect the 'free' part is more of a benefit.

The Café Metropole Club Membership Card

I know that the tradition-bound official membership card is starting to look a bit frayed around the edges - it started out raggedy in fact - but this frayedness is not a good reason for not having one.

The only valid reason for neglecting to provide yourselves with this distinctive but raggedly membership card is if you don't want to be a member of this still quasi-exclusive club.

This may your situation. If so, simply neglect to cut the virtual membership card off yourphoto: virtual membership card monitor, and quietly keep your non-membership status to yourself. If you choose to tell me it will be your decision, which I will take badly but I won't rat on you.

However, if you have entered your bona-fides in the 'Members booklet' in person, at a weekly meeting of the Café Metropole Club in the café La Corona in Paris, then you are a member. I don't know of any official way to become an un-member.

Having a membership card is recommended because I've taken the time to include it here - even though it is free - and not every Tom, Teresa and Tony who have been to Paris has one.

When the membership card was first displayed here, I expected that prospective members would simply clip it off their screens. Warning - other members, who have tried this, have told me this tends to scratch their expensive monitors.

Let me just point out that the possession of the membership card is not at all necessary even if you have several hundred monitors to spare.

But to prove that you belong to an exclusive* club in Paris - you will need to make a print of it. Carrying the card on your person 'virtually' will not work. No one will ever ask to see this card in its 'real' form but if you have one, showing it to 'Ed' will not make me unhappy.

'Virtual' membership is not only permitted, but encouraged - no Metropole reader is excluded from membership by mere failure to be in Paris. The ritual for becoming a member in the privacy of your own home is simple:- Just repeat "I am a member" at least four times, while twirling your left hand around in the vicinity of your head.

*'Exclusive' means that it is the only Café Metropole Club in Paris that accepts any sort of people as members. All other virtual Café Metropole Clubs in Paris that claim to be real are virtual and should not be confused by the sole 'virtual' and authorized 'real' one.

The Whole History of the Café Metropole Club

With its 19th meeting behind it, the 'Whole History' of the Café Metropole Club has ceased ceasing to be 'real' so I am going to just skip it. In case you are wondering , the 17th meeting has not been 'lost.' I was at the 17th meeting and there were witnesses.

Vital PR Information

The next meeting of the Café Metropole Club will be on Thursday, 24. February, in Paris. This is not any particular day - in fact it is named after Sainte-Modeste, who is not well-known.

The club's 'report' for this meeting will be put online as usual at its regular time, which may still be Thursday in your time zone, if it is in the GMT scheme of things and far to the west of Paris.

Reading the club's online magazine, 'Metropole Paris' is again necessary after a period in which it wasn't. This really only applies to last Monday's edition, which was Metropole's latest - and last Thursday's club 'report.' If this doesn't suit you, there a four years' worth of other past issues to look at too.

Regardless of other important stuff you have to do, be sure to read every page of Metropole every Monday and especially next Thursday for the latest news of the club's latest meeting..

photo: location map, la coronaPractical Information

Here are the day, time and location details for you to note:

Café-Tabac La Corona
2. Rue de l'Amiral Coligny
Paris 1. Métro: Louvre-Rivoli or Pont-Neuf
Every Thursday at 15:00, until 17:00.
In non-metric terms, the times are from 3 pm to 5 pm.

The club's meetings are held at the far end of the La Corona's big 'salle' - see the photo - where there is little danger of being run over by the traffic on the Quai du Louvre which always heavy around the club's closing time of 17:00.

La Corona has other areas, including its bar, a small 'salle,' another terrace, and a downstairs part, but these are not where the club's meetings are held - so pay no attention to them.

Apropos of La Corona's bar - if you are unfamiliar with cafés, bars or bistros in Paris, La Corona's bar has a stainless steel top and a sleek beer dispensing tower with six taps, not all of which are for beer. Go left past the six-taps thing and turn right to find the 'club.'

If you are uncertain about where to find the club, simply ask anybody standing behind the bar - in any language that suits you - 'Où est le club, s'il vous plaît?' ['Club' continues to be pronounced 'cloob.']

See you soon - A bientôt à Paris,
signature, regards, ric

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