Alimony - French Style

photo: bistro le st andre

A 'V'-shaped bistro in the Latin Quarter.

Listeria Culprit Still Missing

Paris:- Sunday, 27. February 2000:- A generous 1975 law that tended to provide ample support for divorced wives, has been found over time to be somewhat hostile to ex-husbands. The amount of alimony would be fixed at the time of the divorce - and the law contained no scope for any revision.

In the past 25 years, some ex-husbands have been subject to layoffs and, depending on age, perhaps no future prospects of ever earning as much as they did at the time the amount of alimony was set.

This 1975 law has effectively caused some ex-husbands to be in debt for the entire rest of their lives - and their new families can 'inherit' thisphoto: diplome 99, beaux arts debt. Inflexibly, the law does not take into account unemployment or illness; or an ex-wife's good fortune - and the amount of alimony can only be revised in extremely rare cases.

This has caused considerable misery and sometimes total ruin. At long last, the law is expected to be revised soon. But the revision still foresees the distinct possibility of continuing to pay alimony to children who survive the ex-wife.

To see what students at the Beaux-Arts are doing these days, pay this expo a visit.

The revised law also will put into action the possibility of transferring capital to an ex-wife - over a period of eight years - instead of paying alimony.

Once agreed to, this would be a fixed amount not susceptible to revision. Only alimony could be revised, and only in the direction of less.

France's Listeria Puzzle

Early in the week Le Parisien was telling its readers that the possible cause of the current listeria outbreak in France is jellied pork tongues. Tongue from beef was also previously cited.

The particular strain of the bacteria causing illnesses has been identified, but its exact source has not. The government's health authorities have a crises centre working on the problem.

Meanwhile, supermarkets have withdrawn all brands of jellied pork tongues. But by the weekend, three new cases of the illness were discovered, bringing the total since late last year to 26.

Because of the cross-contamination possibilities, many food products are implicated. Increased risk from listeriosis is faced by pregnant women and babies, older adults, and those with weakened immune systems - caused by certain cancer treatments, AIDS, diabetes, and kidney disease.

Defense against the risk of listeria while visiting any place that is not your own home is not always practical because you have less control over food storage and its preparation.

If you feel you need more to know more, here is a link to a Web site with up-to-date information.

Taxes Uncertain

You can count on death at some time in your life, but if you live in France taxes are not as certain. The coming deadline for tax declarations is 15. March, but finance ministry unions have threatened to refuse to treat them.

The unions are angry about the finance ministry's tax 'reform.' Until now taxpayers have been required to make their declaration in one place, and pay the taxes due in another place.

The 'reform' proposes to unify all tax services in one place. The purpose of this is mainly to reduce the cost of collecting revenue from taxpayers - which is higher in France than elsewhere.

Part of the 'reform' would see a pre-printed tax declaration form, thatphoto: haider, 1 lobby, 0 could be used by those who need only to make simple declarations. Another 'reform' would create special divisions for calculating the taxes of companies.

The meaning of this sign is a mystery to me. Who is 'Lobby?'

What the unions seem to object most to, is the possible closing of some of France's 3800 tax payment offices. They fear losing another 4000 salaries, after having lost 13,000 over the last ten years.

Union officials are planning to close tax declaration centres as a protest. This will prevent three or four million taxpayers from getting any assistance in person. For those who mail in their declarations, there will not be enough staff to treat the paperwork.

According to 'republican principles,' everybody is to treated equally by the tax inspectors - from penniless clochards to companies employing hundreds of thousands. The unions would like to see this principle remain intact.

WWW, Okay - Ads, No

Since 1992, books, films, magazines, newspapers and stores have been prohibited from advertising on television in France. This measure was adopted to protect the advertising reenues of regional newspapers.

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