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Society accepts the idea that it needs firemen, because they perform an essential public service. The health of the public is no different - proper care for all increases general public health, and this is a national - and international benefit for all - not just a few.

Switching budgets around, to make it appear as if the private sector of health care does a better job with the public's health, has never produced a positive result.

The President Visits a Start-Up

While France Télécom was applying a bit of frisson to the bourse, Jacques Chirac was paying a visit to 'République Valley,' which is the nickname of a former threadneedle building that has been converted into an Internet start-up beehive of e-commerce.

Started last summer with two three-person outfits, the building now houses 14 companies with 110 employees. The Wall Street Journal recently reported on another area in Paris where fledgling Internet enterprises are putting up their name-plates.

This area borders on the Rue Saint-Denis, where there is significant trade on the world's oldestphoto: paris info, printemps profession - success begets success? The new companies are mainly installing themselves in the Sentier garment district, which is finding itself too constricted for the street handling of garments.

The reason for no on-the-spot reporting about the storm's effects on Paris' major parks is that they are closed.

There are other busy Dot.Coms installing themselves around Paris, usually in low-rent districts, like the 20th arrondissement.

Apparently the President was quite impressed with the energy of the start-ups he visited. He called for a tax system more favorable to stock-options, which is a system of using paper instead of money that under-capitalized start-ups like to use for paying salaries.

The RATP's 'Cyberdeck'

Without much fanfare Paris' transport RATP authority installed four 'Cyberdeck' Internet terminals in their Port Royal RER 'B' station last August. The units are equipped with touch-screens instead of 'mice' and they have French keyboard layouts, so these are two features that take a bit of getting used to.

Offering free access and unlimited online time, this 'beta-test' has proved successful and now the RATP plans to install the stand-up 'Net centres in other stations. These will be at Denfert-Rochereau, Luxembourg and Châtelet-Les Halles; all on the same RER line 'B.'

Radio WEB, AM and FM

While checking out the RATP's 'Cyberdeck' at Port Royal a week ago, I ran into Bénédicte Vidal who was there to interview 'Cyberdeck' users for a tv-radio.com report.

This led to me taking a look at 'tv-radio.com,' which acts like an enabler for radio stations to broadcast online - and this includes French stations. If you want to hear radio France-Info's 'Life of Plants,' now you can.

To get the full effect of 'Net radio, you will need to have Apple's QuickTime version 4.1 installed, and a 56 K modem. Tv-radio.com's software would also seem to offer independent radio producers a means of broadcasting, without using the government-regulated airwaves.

The Coming 'Fête' de l'Internet

Every year this event is announced with some fanfare, and every year I fail to grasp what it's all about, because it seems to be entirely 'virtual' and I am not a good enough surfer to find out.

However, in France as well as elsewhere, there is a definite online community dedicated tophoto: agri, mobile calva still the idea of independently-produced content - without ads or E-sales - for 'no profit' in other words.

'No profit' does not mean 'no value,' as inspired amateurs will put more of themselves into their creative efforts than many hired-hand professionals are ever required to do.

Seen at the food salon - this functioning antique portable still; for turning apples into Calvados.

The Fête's organization is non-profit and it is coordinated by the AFI association. This event is not restricted to France; at the European level it is called the Fiesta 2000. The actual Fête/Fiesta will take place from Friday, 17. March to Sunday, 19. March.

Related Statement of Idiotic Non-Policy

In case you are wondering about Metropole's apparent four year-long 'no profit' status; this is completely inadvertent and mainly due to the fact that I 'don't get it.' By the same token, you don't get banner ads and other common hustles that waste your valuable time and money.

What you will be able to get, is coming soon. For banner fanciers, you will still be out of luck.

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