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photo: corona, quai du louvre

The Quai du Louvre terrace; empty at 18:30 in the blue dusk.

Peaceful, Memberless Meeting No. 2

Paris:- Thursday, 9. March 2000:- This week's club report starts off with the usual poo-bah about the weather - as it does every week, to give you a bit of a mid-week weather boost up.

Frankly, the forecast has not lived up to itself. TV's weather lady was really thrilled about it - sunshine everywhere and spring-like temperatures - since Monday, she's been saying, and we have yet to see any of it.

I guess it is a couple of degrees warmer - than winter - but it is not what you could call 'sunny.' Like a farmer, I dependphoto: bar, oranges, plant on these forecasts to help me decide what Metropole is going to be doing. When the weather doesn't do what the TV-weather lady says, then I have to do 'plan B.'

It is near tax-declaration time in France and the people who work in the tax-declaration and the tax-payment places are on strike. This morning, radio France-Info said they were all going to be 'on strike' today, everywhere in France.

Croissants, oranges, plant food - La Corona has everything!

So I whipped out early this morning to get a paper to find out where the strikers intended to march through Paris today, waving their colorful banners and chanting their colorful slogans.

Guess what? It is the inspectors of public health who will be marching, while the tax inspectors stay in their offices and bureaus, twiddling their thumbs and unofficially helping confused taxpayers with their problems.

This leaves Friday for their last chance to have their demo and make it into next Monday's edition.

Luckily I have other projects. These involve problems to be solved, so I fiddle with these until it is time to Go To The Club.

On the way, nothing unusual happens except the train stops once, with its lights dimmed-out. Count the dim bulbs in the wagon. Power on, and off we go again. Out of the métro at Châtelet, there is nothing unusual happening on the Rue de Rivoli.

On the way into La Corona, I am treated to an especially warm welcome. Right off Patrick tells me that a club member has phoned to say they will be late. About an hour late.

But 'phoned?' I see the name and the address below, but I do not see any phone number. I shouldphoto: cafe, a nous paris have it - in case I get caught in a riot or a demo, or a lights-out in the métro. Even though I do not carry a phone, because I haven't got one.

I do have a phone card with some unused units left on it. If I could escape from a stranded and dimmed-out métro wagon, I could phone La Corona to say I would be late.

Instead, I think the warm reception I've gotten is because La Corona is nearly empty. If 500 club members show up, we will all fit inside quite handily. If the club had 500 members.

In the unofficial club members' booklet I write, 'Thursday, 9. March - Club meeting 22.' I do the same with the club 'reports' booklet.

Today I even have two Bic pens; one for me to write notes in the 'reports' booklet while members who are becoming 'real' are putting whatever they want into the club members' booklet. I have lost a lot of good 'Quotes of the Week' by not having two Bic pens.

Then nothing happens for 10 minutes except for traffic relentlessly passing on the Quai du Louvre outside.

Where I come out of the métro at Châtelet, there is a rack where I find the latest edition - Monday's - of the RATP's 'A Nous P@ris!' If I remember, I pick up a copy like I did today.

It has current events in it; usually ones I've neglected to put in Metropole. By the time I get this free paper, if I remember it at all, many of the things in it are already over. But this week it says the Festival of the Wandering Musicians is still on - on until Friday, 24. March. 'Wandering' they are not, because performances are in big halls.

In case of - I don't know, but - I brought the textbook I am using to find the solution for what I want to do. There is something fundamental that I don't get.

When I look up again, it is 16:50. There are about a half-dozen in La Corona's big salle.' Patrick is inphoto: aujourd hui an alcove scratching away at 'lucky' 'Millionaire' tickets. He hopes he will win before the tax people get back to work.

I puzzle away some more. The phone caller makes no appearance at 18:00, so I give up at 20 after and put the club's booklets and Bic pens away.

Although the sun never quite made it to predicted brightness in Paris today, it is light enough to see across the Seine from where I'm sitting. Even if it is 'fake' spring and temperatures are 'five degrees above normal' as the TV-weather lady says, the sundowns are getting later.

Today's club wrap-up: no hits, no misses, no earned runs or otherwise, no technical errors, no foulballs, no 'Drink, Food, Quote or City of the Week.' With 90 minutes of overtime, the score is 20 great meetings and two scoreless ones. Some days are like today, even in Paris.

If you plan to come to a future club meeting, be sure to not come by a few days early and say you will be here if you are not going to be. If you absolutely must do this, please mispronounce 'cloob' so nobody will remember to tell me anything.

Next Monday's 'Club News' in Metropole

I am going to have to make up something. I can't re-run today's 'report.'

Date, Time and Location of Next Meeting

Thursday, 16. March 2000 is the date for the club's next 'real' meeting. If it is Thursdayphoto: lights corona and you are in Paris, you can come by and say "It must be Café Metropole Club day!"

The café La Corona meeting place will be as open as usual next Thursday, so the time for your club's meeting remains from 15:00 to 17:00 - which is also known as 3 pm to 5 pm in certain dismetric time zones.

Come as you are, especially if you are in Paris. If you cannot be present - like today - you can read the regular - last week's! - Monday page for your club news as a substitute. Instead of PR, it now features an account of last week's meeting - luckily - plus whatever new business there may have been. The café's location is:

Café-Tabac La Corona
2. Rue de l'Amiral Coligny
Paris 1. Métro: Louvre-Rivoli or Pont-Neuf

A bientôt à Paris,
signature, regards, ric

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