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It is not news there are all sorts of regulations, governing exchanges and trade between different parts of the world. What is still news is the extraordinary effort of the kids in Fayettville, GA to help out Versailles decimated forest.

Sports News - PSG Does It Again!

Before the crucial match, Saturday's edition of Le Parisien had one of their biggest headlines. The paper is published in tabloid format, but the headlines are never as big as tabloids in Britain, which sometimes manage to fit a whole two words on their front pages.

"Le PSG Veut une 9e Coupe" translates as, 'PSG Wants a 9th Cup.' In yesterday'sphoto: cafes ile st louis case, the cup in question was the French League's Cup.

The paper warned PSG to be humble against their second division opponents, the Gueugnon club, known as the 'Forgerons.' The paper said PSG was the 'logical' favorite to win.

Café terraces were full whenever it was more sunny than rainy last week.

Not only this, PSG was apparently 'proud' to be playing this final, not in their Parc des Princes home stadium, but the in nearly new and still huge, Stade de France, in Saint-Denis.

For today's edition, Le Parisien went back to its type box and found an even bigger typeface, because they needed only one word: "Incroyable!"

Just as the mudville fourth-division team Calais smashed first division Bordeaux a week ago - launching a hangover that exceeded any in the Guinness Book of Records - the 'Forgerons' of Gueugnon demolished PSG by a score of 2-0.

This is the first time a second division club has won the French League Cup, and qualifies Gueugnon to go on and try for the UEFA Cup, which is some sort of European prize.

Le Parisien called it a 'collective disaster' but I doubt if the Gueugnon players and fans see it this way. But to show its heart is in the right place, the paper did devote its first two pages of the "Incroyable!" edition to PSG's loss, and only half of page four to F. C. Gueugnon's win.

TV-news briefly flashed Gueugnon's location on the screen. I think it is north-northwest of Mâcon, but my maps are not strong enough to pinpoint it. So, bravo Gueugnon; wherever you are!

French Web Life

Sartre Lives On, In France

Around the time of Jean-Paul Sartre's death 20 years ago, the newspaper Libération putphoto: spring tulips, latin quarter together everything it knew about him.

For the 20th anniversary of as they say - in France - the 'disappearance' of the philosopher with the running tab at the Deux-Magots, Libération has reissued its 'dossier,' this time on the Web.

20 years after, and it is another springtime for Jean-Paul Sartre.

As for Mr; Sartre's thoughts, they are online too, on the 'Philagora' Web site. If you are planning to visit any of Paris' Cafés Philosophes, this may add bonus points to your 'deep thinker' credentials.

8th Prix Möbius Reminder

Each year the International Möbius Festival seeks to award the world's best multimedia productions - based on CD-ROMs, DVDs or Web sites. This year the festival takes place at the Centre Cultural Pompidou and the public is invited on Friday and Saturday, 5. and 6. May.

For a preview, give the Prix Möbius Web site a glance, but be sure to have 'Flash' installed before you decide to take a look at your multimedia future.

Paris' Peace Wall

The URL for Paris' Peace Wall on the Champ de Mars is: 'Mur Pour la Paix,' which is a Dot-Com and not a Dot-Org. You can also learn how to read the word 'peace' in 32 languages.

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