An Authentic 'First' for a Change

photo: cafe la corona

Not a 'first' - the 30th photo of the club's café, La Corona.

News About the 'Café Metropole Club'

Paris:- Saturday, 6. May 2000:- After 30 weekly club meetings you would think I would have thought to mention the club's 'dress code.' To tell the truth, this vital question of etiquette had completely slipped my mind.

Last Thursday's presence of 'real' club member Marion Nowak wearing a 'Zorro' hat should have reminded me, but it wasn't until 'virtual' member Stephen Pierce showed up to become 'real' by signing the members' booklet, did it occur to me that club has an unofficial 'dress code.'

Now that Bamberg has been inducted as 'City of the Week,' I have taken the trouble to look it up. Silly me; I should have known all about it even through it is not on the autobahn between Würzburg and Nürnberg - the one where you drift left after Kassel, pass Fulda - where the 'no speed-limit' can be really tried out.

If conditions are right and you are lead-footing it to Munich - from 'Prussia' - you will miss seeing Bamberg entirely - even if you are doing this legal speeding in a Renault R4 - the French car that innovated the four-door plus hatchback, with a tiny motor, concept.

Ninety-nine point three-fourths of all 'real' Café Metropole Club members dress as if they are on holiday, which is the way most people dress nowadays - including the Canadian farmers 'on rampage' who were in Paris recently.

Even most Parisians dress this way, so having this as the essence of the club's unofficial 'dress code' will not be a strain on anybody. For myself, I dress 'up' for meetings, because the typical Paris journalist 'dress code' tends to be in the class of motorcycle grease-and-leather.

How pleased I was then, to see that Stephen decided to bring his suit to the club! This wasn't one of ourphoto: close-up, suit usual dubious 'firsts,' but an absolutely true one - our very first 'Suit of the Week.' Thank you, Stephen!

For those of you with suits, here is a close-up of the one to top.

It is true that some of the club's lady members do wear classy attire. This is definitely not frowned upon; the only reason I haven't mentioned it before is because I am discrete. Another member, who admitted to being a banker, did not wear a suit because he was supposed to be home in bed, pretending to be ill.

Last Thursday also marked the final club appearance of 'real' members Carmel McKenzie and Alan Savage. Before returning to Australia, they have gone off to do some sightseeing in Denmark. One of Denmark's plus points is its lack of need for alpine gear for looking it over.

Even binoculars are unnecessary for observing Denmark's cows because they are usually quite close.

Three Coming Dates To Note

1.: The Movie - Is the Meeting After the Next

The café La Corona's management has now confirmed that the club's café will be taken over by a crew to film some movie scenes for two days.

This will happen on Wednesday and Thursday, 17 and 18. May; because the Louvre is always closed on Tuesdays. For this particular week only, the Café Metropole Club's meeting will be held on Friday, 19. May. Repeat: Friday, 19. May.

I am sorry to announce that the club and its members have not been asked to appear in this film. I have been told that it is a costume feature; possibly some sort of re-enactment of the cruel murder of our collective hero, the Amiral Coligny.

2.: The 100-Gallery Vernissage

Exactly six days later, on Thursday, 25. May - following the club's 'official' meeting, club members who are present in person will be invited to the wine-and-cheesephoto: art st germain poster part of 'Art Saint-Germain des Prés,' which begins at 18:00.

This event will take place in the Quartier Latin, right across the Seine from the club's café. For this occasion we will be allowed to use the Pont des Arts to cross the river and will not have to swim across.

I have a limited number of invitations for this event - which features the open doors of 100 art galleries in Saint-Germain - so if more members than usual wish to participate, you should let the secretary know so that more invitations can be begged, borrowed or stolen.

3.: The Secretary's 'Holiday'

I will be absent from two meetings - the last one in June and the first one in July, which are Thursday, 29. June and Thursday, 6. July. Like many of you are all the time, I will be temporarily hors-continent until Thursday, 13. July.

On return, if the plane lands on schedule and if I can transfer from its landing place to Eurostar's Paris departure station, and if métro line four is operating correctly, then I will arrive for the club's meeting on Thursday, 13. July, but late.

This date coincides with the eve of Bastille Day, and is usually reserved for a lot of party-like activities in Paris - which will be more this year on account of its '2000' character.

I do not want to miss this club meeting nor this evening in Paris, nor do I wish to miss the biggest picnic in the entire history of the whole world on Friday, 14. Jul.

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