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The 'Thing-of-the-Week' Thing

As before, Café Metropole Club affairs are a separate matter and all members are invited to propose their 'Thing-of-the-Week.' If all present actually hear one of these being uttered, they can propose it be put to a vote - so we can maintain some remote semblance to democracy.

Since the chance possibility of all members actually hearing a 'Thing-of-the-Week' all together at the same time is very remote, anyone who thinks they may have heard one should being it to the secretary's attention, if they can get it for a split-second.

From past experience, if the club's secretary hears one of these and manages to record it - it is seldom put to a vote because members are usually in agreement in advance anyway. You wouldn't be members if you weren't.

One Coming Date To Note

The Secretary's 'Holiday'

I definitely will be absent from two meetings - the last one in June and the first one in July - which are Thursday, 29. June and Thursday, 6. July. Like many of you are all the time, I will be temporarily hors-continent until Thursday, 13. July.

The server-lady Linda Thalman has said that she can arrange to be present at both these club meetings - so the club will continue nearly as usual. However, this is provisional - but I hope to make a definite statement about it here next week.

On my return, if the plane lands on schedule and if I can transfer from its landing place in UK to Eurostar's Paris departure station, and if métro line four is operating correctly, then I will arrive for the club's meeting on Thursday, 13. July, but late.

This date coincides - this is not provisional - with the eve of Bastille Day, and is usually reserved for a lot of party-like activities in Paris - which will be more this year on account of its '2000' character.

I do not want to miss this club meeting nor this evening in Paris, nor do I wish to miss the biggest picnic in the entire history of the whole world on Friday, 14. July.

Next - Thursday's - club meeting will be held as usual in the same place at the same time, rain or shine.

The Original 'Report' of the Last Meeting

I suggest you read it - not for its stunning new 'firsts' - but because any particular club meeting only happens once. See the unofficial original report of last Thursday's weekly Club meeting, here.

The Boilerplate Is Suspended This Week

photo: virtual membership card Due to thorny membership issues - again - the club's usual 'boilerplate cop-out' can still be found on the two weeks before last's 'Club News' page.

The Café Metropole Club Membership Card

Here is the Café Metropole Club's membership card. This rest of the blah-blah explaining this can still be found on the two weeks before last's 'Club News' page.

How To Contact a Charter Club Member

First off, the term 'Charter' has now been abolished. Members of the club are plain and unembellished, although they may be abjectively 'virtual' or 'real.'

This is how it works: Write to me with the name of the reader or club member you wish to contact. I then write to this reader or club member and ask her or him if they are in agreement or not. On reply, I pass the response back to you.

This makes it your decisions; and it will keep the readers' and club members' lists from going astray.

To all 'real' members who have already agreed to have their names and email addresses distributed to other members in agreement, thank you for supporting the idea.

Vital 'Update' Information

The next meeting of the Café Metropole Club will be on Thursday, 1. June, in Paris. This is Ascension Day in Paris and a public holiday - if you are intending the celebrate this, remember that after subtracting club time, there are still 22 hours left on this day for celebrations.

For all people who do not celebrate Ascension Day, the 1st of June is known as the '1st of June Day' and you should do whatever it is that you are required by law or belief to do on this day.

The club's 'report' about the next meeting will be put online asphoto: location map, la corona usual at its regular time. This may still be Thursday in your timezone. If your timezone to the east of Paris, the report may not be online before Friday.

What, Where, When, How? What?

Here are the day, time and location details for you to note:

Café-Tabac La Corona
2. Rue de l'Amiral Coligny - or - 30. Quai du Louvre, Paris 1.
Métro: Louvre-Rivoli or Pont-Neuf. Every Thursday at 15:00, until 17:00. In non-continental terms, even in Paris, the times are from 3 pm to 5 pm.

The usual blah-blah about the club's location inside the café La Corona usually found here can still be found on the week before last's 'Club News' page.

See you soon - A bientôt à Paris,
signature, regards, ric

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