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Metropole Paris is a weekly online magazine about Paris. It is for lovers, dreamers, hopeless romantics and ordinary visitors to Paris; past, present, future and now, virtual.

This magazine is supposed to be put online each Monday about noon, Paris time. Deadlines are regularly overstepped, so Monday's new edition may be available a little later in your time zone.

Metropole Paris contains regular columns of fresh news and feature articles about Paris. 'FlashNews' items may be added at any time, especially if they concern transport conditions. Weather reports are not considered to be 'FlashNews.'

Anyone may join the 'Café Metropole Club,' which meets every Thursday afternoon in a centrally-located Paris café. Meet other readers as well as this magazine's 'Ed' - to exchange stories, get tips; or just to have a pause.

Put the Metropole Paris Web address into your Web browser's 'Bookmarks' file for easy reference. Simply save it as a Bookmark as soon as you look at the latest contents page, or after clicking on the link below:

See this week's issue.

This is a general outline of each week's contents:

Café Metropole - is the editor's weekly column - 'Ed's' name is at top and bottom. It can contain anything, and occasionally even has some valuable information about Paris.

Au Bistro - is the weekly news column with items about Paris and France, from a variety of sources, including gossip in cafés. Au Bistro nas occasional 'SportsNews' but you shouldn't count on it any more than its 'French Web Life.'

The Week's Features - are datelined articles about Paris, drawn from actual experiences. All features are written exclusively for this magazine. Except for 'Café Metropole,' the editor does not sign articles. Readers are invited to contribute, and a good number have so far. Contributors get their 'bylined' names in the magazine, but do not necessarily become famous overnight.

Paris 'Scene' - is the magazine's events column. It has news about exhibitions, salons, fairs and countless other happenings in Paris without containing absolutely everything. For 'everything,' getting a weekly program when you are in Paris will nearly do the trick.

Club News - refers to the Café Metropole Club, which all readers can join. Monday's 'Club' feature has membership information among other items, and the late Thursday update contains a sort of report about Thursday's meeting.

eMail - readers write about Paris and agree to be published in Metropole. Letters do not have to be in English. Emails from readers praising this magazine are welcomed by 'Ed,' but are unlikely to be published because this is not what other readers want to read.

The Poster Pages - show posters that were on view during the week in Paris or the Ile-de-France.

Ric's Cartoon - is drawn by the shaky hand of 'Ed' - who does these without a license. Each week's cartoon throws a different light - or shadow - on Paris life.

Search Metropole - is done by your putting in a 'keyword' and a powerful bit of Internet software looks for it within Metropole's 1800 pages. If 'search' does not find it, write to 'Ed' to say so.

Other Features - appear occasionally - these include reviews of restaurants, films, TV shows, recordings or CD - ROMs, and diverse odds and ends. 'Dreams' could appear here and have done so.

Navigation - within the magazine is supposed to be simple. After four years I find it still has its idiotic failures. These should be reported to 'Ed' without delay. By doing so you will receive free 'virtual' membership in the Café Metropole Club, which is really real.

Who is this 'Ed?' - My name is Richard Erickson and I sign some columns and all letters with 'regards, Ric.' I do not putric the ed my 'byline' on all that I produce for the magazine. If a feature or an image doesn't carry a contributor's name, I probably did it. For all the mistakes, I am responsible.

The best photo of Ric the 'Ed' the magazine has. It is a lot newer than the old one that was the former 'best photo of Ed.'

I have been living in Paris since July 1999 after residing in various near and far suburbs since 1976. Before being the 'Ed' of Metropole I was a cartoonist for the press in Paris, and I still do a few cartoons. I was an editor before too, and too many other things to recount here. I do not know everything and I have not done everything. I am not a great Paris 'expert.' I am sort of collecting impressions about it as I trundle this thing along. Readers help me and the magazine out a lot, and we are all better off for it.

The Readers - live in an average of 75 countries all over the world, and they have one common interest: Paris. Many readers take this interest to an extreme by coming halfway around the world to visit Paris and the Ile-de-France. The others who can't, read Metropole Paris anyway. I thank you all.

The Sponsor - has a spot reserved for him - or her! - within the magazine. Metropole's readers are important people, and they would think a great deal more of you for sponsoring this magazine. So would 'Ed.' signature, regards, ric

Technical Note:- To get the latest weekly issue of Metropole, use the standard Web address of If you do not see the contents of the latest issue, then click on your Web browser's 'Reload' or 'Refresh' button.

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