Number 5.23:- Monday, 5. June 2OOO

Update: 'Unmentionable of the Week' - Club 'News' on Thursday, 8. June - More Non-Readers Become Members

Café Metropole - Non-fiction Splinters - Mickey, Soot and Dud Posters photo: morris: mime marcel marceau, at the olympia

Au Bistro - The 'Fake Voters,' Part II - Joblessness Breaks 10% Barrier

To Paris Plage! - On the First 'Beach Day' of the Year

The Hunt for Harrison's Clocks - Paris to London via Italy and Back by Linda Thalman

Scene - Music Still Tops Calendar - Most Major Shows Play On

The 'Big Yawn of the Week' - News About Your 'Café Metropole Club'

This Week's Paris Posters I

This Week's Paris Posters II

Ric's Cartoon - 'This tennis needs the right driver!'

Mailbox - Don't send cards; send eMail!

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