A Cavalcade of 'Firsts'

photo: quai du louvre, la corona

A 'summer-country' view of La Corona; with its
own green shade.

News About the 'Café Metropole Club'

Paris:- Saturday, 10. June 2000:- The major attraction of last Thursday's club meeting was the presence of live members, including two non-readers of the magazine. It is never clear how non-readers turn up for club meetings but they are never turned away.

One unofficial 'rule' is, if there are no members at all, the club's secretary is not allowed to recruit random civilians who may happen to be in the club's café or on its terraces. Not even one.

This ensures that non-readers who become club members are bona-fide and are not 'ringers,' simply added to pump-up the numbers.

Thursday's club meeting featured no 'City of the Week' because everybody present was from either Seattle or Toronto. The 'Food of the Week' was a 'repeater' simply because I forgot to ask what the other dish was. There is no 'Some Sort of Sandwich of the Week' award.

A brilliant 'first' was the 'Nap of the Week!' This is recommended for jet-lagged members so long as they do it elsewhere and don't sleep through the club's meeting.

Denise Wechsler brought her baby and its father, Larry, and club members had the delight of trying to think up names starting with 'C' for it when it is born.

I almost thought 'C' should be 'Name of the Week' but Denise said, "Neh!" Larry said, "There's no 'C' names we like." Denise modified this with, "No, none we like."

Another brilliant 'first' was non-reader Cauleen ordering the 'Beer of the Week.' There is a photo of it on Thursday's meeting report page, so I won't spoil the surprise of it by giving it away here.

The club's secretary - me - made a terrible 'Faux-Pas ofphoto: unknown corona food the Week' by forgetting a member was a member, and it looks like I'll be reminded of this nightmare for years.

'Some Sort of Sandwich of the Week' did not get the 'Food of the Week' award.

Because non-reader Cauleen had done some shopping for lady's clothing before arriving, apparel was discussed, besides being awarded some sort of 'Thing of the Week' distinction, of an equally high level as the 'Drink of the Week.'

The ladies thought that some Paris ladies didn't look right with 'pants spraying on.' They suggested that Parisiennes should get pants which are 'one size bigger.'

This was a general observation I don't particularly agree with, so I didn't mark it down as 'Clothing Tip of the Week.'

There was a freak outbreak of fine weather on Thursday, so when the meeting came to an end, everybody went outside to capture all that was left of it before dark.

About the Club

The Café Metropole Club is merely a meeting place in Paris for the readers of the weekly online magazine Metropole Paris - this magazine! - who happen to be in Paris on a Thursday and are in the vicinity of the club's meeting café at the right time on the right day.

Readers of the online magazine who have not attended a club meeting can become members of the club by inducting themselves into it in the privacy of their own homes, no matter where they live. This is called 'auto-induction.'

Members who have actually arrived in Paris at the club's café can sign the unofficial members' booklet, to become members. Generally, this has no negative effect on your universal rights as human beings or as members.

The club has a long and colorful history and a great number of signed-up members after 35 whole meetings. Non-readers of the online magazine have also become members, sometimes by pure accident.

The club is informal. There is no 'club song' for you to learn. The club's unwritten and unofficial rules state quite clearly that the club has no 'dress-code.' There is no secret handshake or 'high-sign.'

Despite dozens of photos of members at club meetings, some prospective members have wondered about the informality of the club's café waiters. Let me assure all who are reading this that the café La Corona's waiters are professionally turned out and do not wear civilian clothes while on duty.

In the name of the Révolution, in the spirit of republicanism, and with respect towards constitutional monarchies, I now propose to dispense with all notions of excessive grandeur. Welcome to the club, members, even if your are wearing your 1948-model low-rider jeans!

The Original 'Report' of the Last Meeting

There were several new stunning 'Firsts of the Week' last Thursday and every club meeting only happens once. See the unofficial original report of last Thursday's weekly Club meeting, here.

The 'New Version' Club Sub-Clauses

All former highfalutin titles, medals, titles, decorations and all the other baggage of whatnots for members, have been eliminated.

Nobody has objected to the foregoing, so the following proposal is also assumed to have everybody's agreement. Semi-official forms of address such as 'garçon,' 'sir,' 'madame,' 'comrade' and last-but-not-least, 'groupie,' have been stricken from our vocabulary.

The club's secretary is often occupied with wheedling new members into putting their inscriptions into the members' booklet or making notes of the meeting in progress. Members therefore should simply introduce themselves to each other. There is no 'rule' against doing this.

The 'Thing-of-the-Week' Awards

At Café Metropole Club meetings all members ae invited to propose their 'Thing-of-the-Week,' be it your home townphoto: paintings on quai du louvre or an item of food or drink or whatever comes to mind. If all present actually hear one of these being uttered, they can propose one of their own - it's only democratic.

Fairly old parts of Paris are right across the Seine from your club's location.
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