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Café is the drink of choice with many members.

News About the 'Café Metropole Club'

Paris:- Saturday, 15. July 2000:- While I was away in far-off and exotic Canada for a few minutes, the server-lady Linda Thalman graciously acted as the recording secretary for the club's weekly meetings in Paris.

She faithfully attended the past three meetings, urged new members to sign themselves into the members' booklet, took notes of what was said and by whom, and also took photographs of the events.

At this time I have none of this material. When I get it, it will be incorporated into the club's official - such as it is - 'history.' However, I do have dates and names.

Thursday, 29. June:- Club Meeting 38:- As Linda has written, there was a 'full-house' with new members Lisa Breen from Washington, DC and Schuyler Hoffmann from Seattle, Washington. Long-time members Mark Kritz from Santa Cruz, California and Adrian Leeds who lives in Paris, made return visits.

Thursday, 6. July:- Club Meeting 39:- The new member of the week was London-originating Paris resident Chris Arden and Santa Cruz's own Mark Kritz made another repeat visit, with, according to Linda, the 'Poster of the Week.' I have no idea what this may be, but apparently a photographic record exists of it. I hope it is fit to print.

Thursday, 13. July:- Club Meeting 40:- On the eve of Bastille Day, Vivian Borek who has come to Paris more than a dozen times from Boston, Massachusetts was the onlyphoto: cafe's two cafes member in town unentangled enough with Bastille Day to show up. Good for you, Vivian!

This brings the total of signed-up members to 85 which may not seem like a lot to you, but I bet if all of you/us showed up at once we could have quite a party.

Some members order 'refills' but these are not free in Europe.

Judging from a fairly constant stream of emails from members who have signalled a willingness to sign the members' booklet in person, the number would quickly double or triple if everybody could be together in Paris at one time.

Such a number would fill the club's café La Corona, but there would still be room enough left over for the band.

This 'Club News' Page Is Boring

Some members who have not yet attended a club meeting in person in Paris have been complaining that this regular edition 'Club News' is boring.

I agree with them that it is boring to write the 'Club Report' and then write the 'Club News' a few days later. It is a rotten pain in the neck if you really want to know.

I therefore propose that 'Club News' with all its unofficial non-rules and abolished members' titles be transformed into a standing 'About the Club' page, and be stuffed into a handy cellar - while remaining accessible at all times to the idle curious who may stumble upon it by accident.

It will mean that I will have to put in a 'link-back' to Thursday's meeting in every Monday's issue. But hey! This is what the Monday issue is all about - last week in Paris, and last Thursday was one of those last-week days.

About the Club

The Café Metropole Club is a meeting place in Paris for the readers of the weekly online magazine Metropole Paris - which is this magazine you are reading - who are in Paris on a Thrsday and are in the vicinity of the club's café at the right time on the right day.

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