"Watching Rich People Shop In the Place Vendôme"

photo: quai du louvre, corona terrace

La Corona's terraces are a bit more lively this week.

The 'Report' of the 44th Weekly Meeting

Paris:- Thursday, 3. August 2000:- The weather was perfect on Tuesday, just as forecasted. Some complained it was too warm, but it may have been Paris' only summer day so I'm not going to complain. I like warm weather.

Last night's forecast for today was for total garbage. Black rain clouds for northern France, with heavy sprinkles of rain and temperatures 'normal' for a good day in March. This hasn't happened of course.

It is a more or less normal summer day. Some clouds, some sky, some comfortable temperature. I am not going to complain.

On the way to the club I leave the métro at Saint-Germain-des-Prés to walk through the Quartier Latin and cross the Seine via the Pont des Arts. On the way, the café La Palette is open and madame there waves and I am awake enough to wave back.

There are more people on La Corona's terrace today. Maybe the weather has been so unpredictable in other places that more visitors are in Paris. I heard a lot of German on Tuesday.

I set up the club's place at the rear of the "Grande Salle.' Tables just so, chairs just so. To sit down I have to rearrange the tables. Member's and 'reports' booklets out; club pens readied.

Oh-ho. Another booboo. I am no accountant. Today's meeting is not the 43rd, but the 44th. I 'dropped' one of thephoto: anthony dainora meetings held while I was on holidays. I should have got it right because it could be figured out with only five fingers.

A monsieur I think I've seen before comes in La Corona's door from the Quai du Louvre, and Patrick - the original Patrick - today's 'Waiter of the Week' again - indicates where the club is. Obviously this is a new member if he doesn't know already.

New member, Anthony Dainora, has a lot of Paris stories.

Anthony Dainora takes a seat opposite me. He's been reading Metropole for a couple of years. Anthony is an accountant and he comes from Franklin, Tennessee. This becomes the 'City of the Week' so I don't have to tell him about not being able to count in the low 40's too well.

Anthony and his wife, who is shopping even though the summer sales are over, come to Paris often. They have seen all the big sights, so they take in some of the odd things, some of which are mentioned in Metropole's 'Scene' column.

For example, last night they went to see at the Triton 2 TER contemporary dance show in the Tuileries, which is a part of the 'Quartiers d'Eté' program. This was after "Watching rich people shop in the Place Vendôme." which becomes the 'Quote of the Week.'

Anthony says, "The Triton 2 TER was almost a parody of a circus." He and his wife liked it a lot even if it started to rain before it was over. They stayed, and later wondered if they were going to be locked into the gardens for the night.

I was in the Tuileries on Tuesday and saw a hand-made sign for this show - which didn't say where it was. Anthony found it by asking at a kiosk. It is on the south side, along by the Orangerie.

Anthony tells me a lot about Paris. Unlike some other people, he uses the 'audio guide' services, so he is able to tell me details about the Musée Jacquemart André. "It has moveable rooms," he says, adding, "All they did was travel six months a year, buying art!" - referring to the lifestyles of Edouard André and Nélie Jacquemart.

He wants to go and see Nicolas Fouquet's Châteauphoto: booklet, beer, cafe Vaux-Le-Vicomte, which was sort of the model for Versailles. Colbert thought Fouquet, Louis the XIV's Minister of Finance, was too rich to be true, which caused the 'too clever' Fouquet to be convicted of 'wasting' public funds - leaving Colbert free to mismanage them.

A lot of 'Puffs' struggled to keep up with Anthony's unwanted cold.

All in all, staying in the same hotel for the third time - "Don't the staff ever change their jobs?" - he wants to know. "It has been 11 days of ideal time," he says about this visit.

With just the two of us, this is far from being as weighty as it sounds; as we hit on dozens of other subjects. For example, Anthony is a Canadian working in the US with, as he says, "An eternal 'Green Card.'"

"Everybody should go to Verdun and see it," he says. He wants to know if Paris is 'expensive,' but neither of us can tell. Anthony buys a lot of charcuterie he can't get in Tennessee, so what can we compare it to? "It's good value," he finally decides.

This takes us into 45 minutes of overtime. Anthony has a date to do something else new. I have a date to write this, after another fruitful meeting of the Café Metropole Club.

The New 'About the Café Metropole Club' Page

Beginning with next Monday's issue of Metropole, the general 'club news' will be transformed into an 'About the Café Metropole Club' page, containing the details of membership, the card and the other unofficial non-rules.

This 'report' will not be updated - because no other meetings are scheduled between now and Monday - but it will be a contents' item on the coming issue's - issue 5.32 - home page.

If, instead of reading this right now, you come to this page from there, this club 'report' will be dated in thephoto: direction signs same week as the rest of the issue's contents.

Once the permanent 'About the Café Metropole Club' page is in place - next Monday I guess - there will be a link here to it.

From the club's café, you can go anywhere - or get juice for your electric car.

For both readers and members who have forgotten, this will explain everything really important about your 'exclusive' club in Paris.

Date, Time and Location of Next Meeting

The date for the club's next meeting is Thursday, 10. August. On this date the café La Corona meeting place will again be open like today - and the time for your club's meeting remains from 15:00 to 17:00 - which is also known as 3 pm to 5 pm. Come to the next meeting just as you are - especially if you can.

The café's location remains:

Café-Tabac La Corona
2. Rue de l'Amiral Coligny - or - 30. Quai du Louvre
Paris 1. Métro: Louvre-Rivoli or Pont-Neuf

A bientôt à Paris,
signature, regards, ric

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