Still Unanswered: 'Why?'

photo: corona terrace, quai du louvre

Some non-club members, trying to decide on using La Corona's terrace for Paris-gazing.

News About the 'Café Metropole Club'

Paris:- Saturday, 29. July 2000:- Last Thursday Donna and I had a quiet club meeting, with just the two of us together. Again, La Corona's 'Grande Salle' was without any non-members.

It was so calm that almost the biggest event was the fact of 'Waiter of the Week' Patrick Le Cam working on a Thursday, when normally, as he said, "Jamais le jeudi!" was his shift.

There was no 'Drink of the Week' because we forgot to have one. I thought the 'Quote of the Week' was quite good, but I'm not going to repeat the translated version here - which is the samephoto: no show members check sales as the 'club report' version.. The 'City of the Week' was sufficiently obscure, but somewhat spurious so I won't repeat it either.

Other non-club members are wondering if they should buy something 'on sale' before it's too late.

Donna and her companion are looking for an apartment to rent in Paris, so we talked about this. She said they were looking at some 'grand standing' places and I asked her if they had any street markets near them.

It's just something to consider. 'Grand standing,' whatever it means, doesn't mean much if you have to lug six-packs of mineral water for more than a kilometre; or if there isn't a boulangerie within 50 metres.

The meeting ended before its time was up because I think Donna had a date to look at an apartment. Finding a good place to live in Paris takes precedence over lasting out the full two hours of a club meeting.

Member's 'Amen' And Utrillo Tip

Last week's email from George Broadhead triggered the following message from club member in good standing, Dana Shaw:

"As to George Broadhead's e-mail, all I can say is 'amen.' How right he is.

"I'm in the process of getting my weekly Metropole fix. The bit about Utrillo was particularly interesting as he is one of Jan's and my favorite Impressionists. Indeed, our only sojourn beyond the city limits of Paris during our two month stay last fall was to go to the Utrillo Museum in Sannois.

"It's an easy ride on the RER 'C-3' line - in the direction of Argenteuil. Once there, an easy stroll up the main street finds one in front of an excellent Chinese restaurant. We stopped for lunch, stuffed ourselves and left with change from a 100 franc note, as I recall - not bad for a wonderful meal for two.

"The museum is only a short distance further along, located in the old Mairie - the new, larger one is right next door. When we arrived, we were the only ones there and had a great chat with a young couple who were working at the desk. They were very knowledgeable about Utrillo but spoke little English. It was no problem for me, but non-French speakers might find a dialogue with them a bit challenging.

"They wondered how we had ever heard of the museum in Paris and were delighted that we had found it in the weekly publication of events, 'Pariscope.'

"Regardless, the museum, although rather small, is exceptionally well done and includes a long, repeating video loop about Utrillo's life and work. Jan and I had a wonderful day there."

The Reason Why

This is not the name of some super song-and-dance musical production in Paris, but an explanation of how the painter Maurice Utrillo got into this column.

As club secretary I feel that George Broadhead's suggestion needs to be seconded; and as editor of 'Metropole Paris' I think it is important to demonstrate that club members can find things on their own without any help from the club, me, or Metropole. Dana Shaw has done all three.

I remember perfectly well that Maurice Utrillo was the subject of some good suggestions by Shirley Lindsay in last week's 'Café' column. But Sannois' location has been a mystery to me for years. I imagined it to be southeast of Paris.

This is, mind you, even after mentioning it in the 'Scene' column last week, in connection with the Ile-de-France's 'Fugues Impressionistes,' which places Sannois firmly to the northwest of Paris.

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