About the 'Café Metropole Club'

photo: cafe la corona, paris

The club meets every Thursday in this café in Paris.

The Unofficial and Abbreviated Version

Paris:- Everything on the Web is virtual, including this magazine, 'Metropole Paris.' Some readers take it seriously and believe it is really real even they are virtual readers.

Having a real club for Metropole readers is a chance to turn all these virtual or unreal ideas into reality. Virtual readers really visit real Paris, so why shouldn't they have a real club? There is a dream Paris, the virtual online magazine 'Metropole Paris,' and with a real club, virtuality meets reality.

Metropole Paris readers have been meeting at the club's real café each week since October 1999. Not all meetings have had members present; others have had as many as eight.

Purpose of the Club

photo: club secretary, ricQuite simply, the reason for the club is to have a fixed time and place in Paris to meet other readers, and the editor of the online magazine - who is known as 'Ed.'

For club meetings, 'Ed' becomes the club's secretary, but he is really the same person as this virtual magazine's editor. In winter he - he? - I may even have two hats, but don't let this confuse you.

This is 'Ed,' who is also the club's secretary. Photo: Charles Fremont©2000

The purpose of the Café Metropole Club is social and meetings usually turn out this way. Bring your friends; everybody is welcome to join the Café Metropole Club.

How to Become a Member

At your first club meeting in Paris the first thing for you to do is sign the members' booklet. All this requires is your name and email address. Neither have to be real. With this chore done, you are a member 'for life' unless you resign.

There is also an unofficial questionnaire. Some new members answer all of its questions and other ignore them entirely. Others write unrelated essays. The club has no 'rules' in particular, so you can break them whenever you want to.

Club membership is open to anybody in the world who wants to join it. Readers of the online magazine who have not been able to attend a club meeting in Paris can consider themselvesphoto: club drinks of the week members in good standing. The formality of signing the members' booklet is waived until they can sign it in person.

The club is informal. There is no 'club poem' for you to learn. The club's unwritten and unofficial rules state quite clearly that the club has no 'rules.' There are no unofficial 'dress codes,' secret signs, signals or tatoos.

Possible 'Drinks of the Week,' but only if nominated and elected.

In fact, the Café Metropole Club is so low-calorie that it has no t-shirt and no cap with its name on it for you to buy and treasure. Because the club is free, it doesn't have a treasury.

Becoming a member has no negative effect on your universal rights as human beings or as readers, or as curious people simply passing the café while a meeting is happening.

The Rest of a Meeting

Club meetings are unstructured because they have no agenda. Members often order something to drink, or eat, from the club's 'Waiter of the Week.' Club members should prepare a suitable budget for this eventuality.

Although members' home towns are not required to be noted in the members' booklet, these are often named and may be voted 'City of the Week' by other members. If no other members are present, the club's secretary may designate one.

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