'Flower of the Week?'

photo: chuck bush, doug fuss

Instead of acting normally, Chuck and Doug turn to stone
for their club photo.

1st Birthday Coming Soon

Paris:- Thursday, 21. September 2000:- We now have the season between the summer that wasn't and the fall that is already here, which is called 'The Heat Isn't Turned On Yet.' For this reason, a club meeting is a warm break from my refrigerator of an apartment.

This is a common-enough season in Pais, in case you were wondering why so many people are out on the streets, seriously striding around instead of merely meandering.

After not finding the new Châtelet métro entrance at Sainte-Opportune, I arrive at the club just a tiny bit late; but this is unnoticed by anyone other that the secretary - who is 'present' as soon as I arrive.

You already know the vastly complicated rigamarole I go through to call a club meeting together, sophoto: wildflowers of colorado, seeds I'll skip repeating it. But all the place mats I neatly align on all of the club's tables, are snatched away by Monsieur Ferrat, today's 'Waiter of the Week.'

Before I can get into serious thumb-twiddling, Monsieur Ferrat returns to the good graces with the club by escorting two new members to the club's area.

These are Shellay and Chuck Bush from a Denver, Colorado suburb named Lakewood. When they moved there, it was 'almost out of town.'

They have brought a gift for the club - or Chuck has, because he was one of the winners of the club's contest that sent out a bunch of sardine cans full of 'Air de Paris' as first prizes to all of the winners.

The seed packet produces a 'club first' - its 'Flower of the Week,' which is Aspen Daisy or Indian Blanketflower or Wild Blue Flax. I will pass this on to the server-lady, and she can sort them out with her trusty green thumb.

Shellay, who thinks she is half French - and Chuck is half Italian - says they didn't used to travel at all. But Chuck got sent to Cameroon once, and now they can't stay away from Paris, France, Italy or Spain. Paris was, "The sixth-last place I wanted to see," she says.

Now they've been here so often that they are thinking of settling on the border between France and Italy, "So we can have French bread and get pesto from Genoa whenever we want it."

Correction: Shellay doesn't say 'sixth-last place,' she says 'sixth-time' visit to Paris. I must see about my handwriting.

The couple also think the French restaurants in Tahiti are really good. At this point, long-time club member Doug Fuss arrives, straight from inspecting salt mines in Poland.

Shellay, who has also told me she's never read Metropole Paris and has no idea what this meeting isphoto: shellay bush about, says, "Are we going to vote now?" If this isn't a 'Quote of the Week' I don't know what is.

I call for a vote to get Monsieur Ferrat's attention so we can get some drinks, but he keeps looking some other way, or polishes cutlery.

Shellay Bush is completely unfazed by the club's secretary and the club's flakey camera.

Since a lot of the conversation concerns how many beers you are allowed to drink if you work at Coors, and is of no possible interest to readers and non-present club members - aside from mentioning that factory beer tastes better before it is pasteurized even if it is warm - here is what Doug has to say about the salt mines:

"Salt miners are allowed a choice of either bringing 77 pounds of salt or 77 pounds of water up 500 steps, six days a week," he says.

When I ask when he saw this he says it was two weeks ago, but adds, "They've been doing it since the 13th century."

This immediately makes the idea of working at Coors sound much more attractive, even if a lot of overtime and extra beers are involved.

Now, don't get me wrong - Chuck says he did this to gain weight because he thought he was too thin. "It didn't work," he says. "Even with a beer-break from work every 20 minutes."

Now I am wondering why, if Shellay thinks she may have been half-French in some other life, she wants to be the one to get the Italian pesto and Chuck is supposed to get the French bread.

After some more of Doug's stories about things other than tasty sausages in Krakow, we vote to give the 19th centuryphoto: doug's wine three stars, the yet-to-arrive 21st century three stars, and the about-to-end 20th century, the booby prize.

This brings the meeting into a half-hour of overtime without any free beers; but does make it regulation-length, with members present. So I'll skip the Bush's tale of how not to find the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao.

Monsieur Ferrat's eventual contribution to Doug's well-being.

Finally, Chuck shows me his own personal membership card, printed in millions of colors. When I ask him if he wants the club's secretary to sign it - we discover there is no place to do this. This is a club secretary's boo-boo. No doubt about it.

Birthday Party?

In another two weeks the Café Metropole Club will have its first birthday. This will be a time for modest rejoicing and the occasion of a low-key 'fête' - provided some members are present.

Therefore, I - who am merely the club's humble secretary with poor handwriting - propose that the next two meetings be used for planning this unique event.

Since it will only happen once, it will surpass even an unusual 'Thing of the Week,' to become the club's 'First Birthday In the Year 2000' - which is the last year of this century without cheers.

This will not be an event to sleep through. Even though I do not expect that there will be any gala fanfare - it will be afternoon after all! - there will be a modest birthday cake at least. Maybe not a whole cake; maybe just an eclair.

Frankly, it can be minuscule, in keeping with the club's 'free' nature; but also because it only has to support one candle, or as they are called in Paris, one 'bougie.'

That's it then. The next week is still open for planning; and the week after - on Thursday, 5. October - is the date for your club's 'fête.'

Both members and not-yet members should plan to be present on this historic occasion. If you cannot come in person, send a suitable stand-in. The club will provide a chair. If you can not do this either, send a greeting to fellow club members.

Note here that club members are already doing this, so what you want to do now, is not be the last to do it. Not unless you want to be a bit extra early for the club's second birthday.

These will be presented at the meeting - if they are not totally virtual - and will be recorded here or in some other suitable location, provided they arrive in time. On your marks, get set, and send in your emails soon.

I thank you - etc. etc. etc. and Merci!

The 'About the Café Metropole Club' Page

To find out about the club's history up until now,photo: corona sign you should consult the 'All Past Issues' file, which provides links to all past issues with 'Club Reports.'

For actual real details about your Café Metropole Paris Club - as opposed to plain nonsense - in Paris, please read 'About the Café Metropole Club,' which is about your club and is accessible here, and from each issue's 'home' page.

This 'about' page contains all the details of the free membership, the free members' card and the other free unofficial non-rules concerning the club and other free but needless information - none of which you really need to know but are unlikely be quizzed on.

Despite possible quizzes, look at this page anyway, unless you have temporarily remembered all these details in order to avoid looking at this page.

Date, Time and Location of Next Meeting

The date for the club's next meeting is Thursday, 28. September. In Paris this is Saint-Venceslas' Day - he was the Duke of Bohemia; bumped off by his brother, the rotten Boleslav, in 929 and should not be confused with Venceslas 1st, who was not a Polish miner either. The whole rest of the day remains free for other random activities - such as reading year-old weather reports.

The café La Corona meeting place will again be open like today - and the time for your club's meeting remains from 15:00 to 17:00 - which is also known as 3 pm to 5 pm. Come to the next meeting during its official hours. If you get a fair offer to be elsewhere, raincheck it.

The café's location is:

Café-Tabac La Corona
2. Rue de l'Amiral Coligny - or - 30. Quai du Louvre, Paris 1.
Métro: Louvre-Rivoli or Pont-Neuf

A bientôt à Paris,
signature, regards, ric

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