Your Club Makes Two!

photo: cake remains of party

Last week's birthday cake - 'after.'

Party Last Thursday Was First

Paris:- Friday, 6. October 2000:- Well, well, club members - of all classes even if they have been abolished by some mysterious decree - here it is, the day after your Café Metropole Club's first birthday. I didn't realize eating cake and having it too caused hangovers.

Normally I wouldn't flog a thing to death after it is over, but according to various signs and signals, the first birthday of your very own free Paris club has been an unqualified success.

How this could be with an inept bungler like myself as the club's secretary is a mystery to me even if I know the club's secretary rather well, or thought I did.

Obviously the answer is as plain as the whiskers on my face - you club members, both absent and present yesterday, did it!

To parachute Groucho Marx into this, I can say a club is only as good as its members and if Groucho Marx were with us today he would refuse to be a member of this club in Paris regardless of whether its members have ceased being 'real' or 'virtual' which means that this club must be worth joining if Groucho Marx has never been a member or a non-member.

One legitimate reason for running this page 'after' the birthday is so the photos of the club members of all classes - now abolished! - who were present can get some online time. However, although many were captured by the 'magic eye,' not all were - but here are some extra photos anyway.

Also, new members who entered their particulars in the members' booklet left some interesting comments I didn't catch during yesterday's scramble.

Quite often I don't come across these commentsphoto: tom yanul panoramic camera until I'm doing some catch-up club secretary administrative make-work, and when I see something interesting I say to myself, "Oh darn! I wish I'd included this or that as a 'Quote of the Week' for the report of that meeting five months ago!"

Tom Yanul shows members his hand-made panoramic camera. Light in the café was too dim for it.

For members who have not actually attended a club meeting in person, the members' booklet contains a questionnaire - which is completely optional - but some members do look at it and sometimes they will write something in it if I can be persuaded to lend them the club's Bic pen.

To question 3, 'What have you liked most in Paris?' Tom Yanul answered, "Being here."

Question 6 asks about members' 'favorite Paris activity' and Robert von Maier, on his first trip, answered, "Walking." Actually, this is the same reply a lot of club members give for this question.

Other people think walking to restaurants makes them their 'favorite Paris activity' and this is what Natalia Yanul wrote.

After Cheryl Sylvester answered, "More of everything" to question 5's 'What would you like to see changed, improved?' she answered question 6 with, "Who can choose?"

Because of the birthday party the meeting was a bit hectic and it is possible that members were a bit distracted, so I won't drag this out by inventing any of the notations.

To conclude, Jerry Blizin did not bother with the questionnaire and simply wrote '1,' '2' and '3' with '3' being "Sans Paris, il n'a pas de vie."

Betty Blizin followed up with, "So, he said it all - what can I tell you?"

Sharp-eyed readers may remember that the Blizins' Tarpon Springs, Florida, was yesterday's 'City of the Week.' I'm sorry to confess that the club's secretary made another geographical faux-pas by writing this received the distinction because of the memory of all other members from 'east' Florida, and "Because it is somewhere near Pompano Beach."

Tarpon Springs is located on Florida's west coast of course.

The secretary has made this same mistake before with Florida even though he knows two 'wrongs' don't make a 'right' - and is busily unbooking a holiday to the region because of a real fear of getting tossed to the man-eating sponges there.

Thanks for the party!

More Birthday Messages

photo: group fotoThe following messages arrived after last week's 'Birthday Special' club page went online. However, most of them should have been with last week's messages because they are 'befores.'

One more group photo; from a set with no two alike.

Because of pesky time-zone differences, there are two 'afters,' with one having been sent 'after' the birthday in Paris and after its 'report' was online, but while it was still the same day as the party in Paris.

Have a Parade!

Email from Craig Tredeau. Sent via the Internet: Monday, 2. October 2000:-

Bonjour Ric,

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Cafe Metropole Club!!

Since the French are big on celebrating events by having parades, I suggest the Cafe Metropole Club have a parade on its birthday. Although you may not be able to close the Champs-Elysées for the parade, I think any street in Paris will do.

I have enjoyed reading the club's reports over the past year and look forward to the next year of reports.

Regards, Craig Tredeau

Unriddled Email

Email from Bill Hilton. Sent via the Internet: Monday, 2. October 2000:-

Bonjour Ric:

If this is received, then the mystery of global email has been unriddled by the local provider of service.

Your reflection of Paris is downright interesting. I have kept up with your commentary on the City of Lights for some time, and lookphoto: two kirs forward to a new subject every week.

You asked for email acknowledging the 50th week of meetings of the 'Cafe Metropole Club' in the Cafe La Corona. Well, I wish I could join you and Linda, and personally tell you how much your work is enjoyed.

Maybe a Cajun joke will suffice.

An American teacher, fresh out of collage was employed to teach a first grade class, way up the bayou, and was having a rough time, since the little ones understood very little English, and she didn't speak French. She thought, "If only I can teach them to count to ten in English, I will have accomplished something."

So with that in mind she began the lesson. "Class," she said, "Say 'one.'"

The class responded, "One."

"Very good class! Now, say 'two.'"

And they all left.

C'est tout Ric,

Bill Hilton

Another Welcome Card!

Email from Cindy Walsh. Sent via the Internet: Tuesday, 3. October 2000:-

Ric and Club Metropole

Hello! Cindy Walsh has just sent you a greeting card from

Recall 'Farmers On Rampage?' Unforgettable!

Email from Edgar Ladouceur. Sent via the Internet: Tuesday, 3. October 2000:-

Happy Birthday from Canada & the Farmers Alliance, 'The Cowbell Conservatism' arm, if you recall!

PS: Le moulin in Montparnasse cemetery - is it a grave site and if so whooooose name is attached to it?

Regards, Edgar

Premature Indoctrination?

Email from Denise Wechsler. Sent via the Internet: Wednesday, 4. October 2000:-

Merci Beaucoup!

I'm happy to hear you're doing well, as is the Club. We're just counting the days until our big arrival - or little as the case may be. I still think 'Paris' would be a cool name, but I don't believe Larry is buying it. But don't fret, he or she will be indoctrinated with the love of France as a whole, Paris as the city, and Cafe Metropole as its unique and special tie to both.

We'll try to get a photo out when we get all the technology together.


'Special' Cards Especially Welcome

Email from Mary Bassett. Sent via the Internet: Wednesday, 4. October 2000:-

Bonjour Ric,

I haven't forgotten about you. I am trying to decide on a very special card for you and I'm driving myself nuts!! You have been so helpful and I want to make something special.

What do you think of Disneyland Paris? We're so close to Walt Disney World, and can go anytime because I have relatives working there since it opened. Would you go - if you were me? Probably, strictly a judgement call. Take care and I'll 'talk' with you soon!

Au Revoir, Mary

PS: Go Magic!! Go Wizards!! Go Gators!!

We Were There In Spirit

Email from Susanne Chaney. Sent via the Internet: Thursday, 5. October 2000:-

It sounds like the party was a great success. I sure wish we all could have been there. We were in spirit.

Again regards,
Susanne, John, PJ and Ken

Club Attendance Record Shattered Too!

Email from Dana Shaw. Sent via the Internet: Friday, 6. October 2000:-

Happy rainy Friday to you, Ric.

Jan and I are ecstatic that the turn out for the party set a record for club attendance. It sounds as if everyone had a good time; and in spite of the obvious confusion so many people being there created, you were flattered and happy that so many chose to come. Congratulations, friend, you deserve it.

Cheers! Dana

What Can I Say?

Through sheer chance, Dana Shaw's message concludesphoto: linda thalman, the pappas this week's 'mailbag' - while his was first last week. I have sensed a bulge in the Atlantic all week, from Dana's efforts to attend the party, and do not doubt for a moment that he somehow caused Friday's rain.

The server-lady, Linda Thalman, shares a laugh with Shirley and Walter Pappas.

Nah! I am making this up. Through excess joy club members have held the rain at bay. Now that the big event is over, there is no longer any need for the high pressure, so let it rain.

For readers who may be wondering what this is about, it concerns the first anniversary party of the Café Metropole Club in Paris. Read about the party's 'before' and about last Thursday's actual birthday party.

Still in the dark? Read all about the club for enlightenment, even if it is just a little confusing.
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