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Email from Bill Hilton. Sent via the Internet: Monday, 2. October 2000:-

Bonjour Ric:

If this is received, then the mystery of global email has been unriddled by the local provider of service.

Your reflection of Paris is downright interesting. I have kept up with your commentary on the City of Lights for some time, and lookphoto: two kirs forward to a new subject every week.

You asked for email acknowledging the 50th week of meetings of the 'Cafe Metropole Club' in the Cafe La Corona. Well, I wish I could join you and Linda, and personally tell you how much your work is enjoyed.

Maybe a Cajun joke will suffice.

An American teacher, fresh out of collage was employed to teach a first grade class, way up the bayou, and was having a rough time, since the little ones understood very little English, and she didn't speak French. She thought, "If only I can teach them to count to ten in English, I will have accomplished something."

So with that in mind she began the lesson. "Class," she said, "Say 'one.'"

The class responded, "One."

"Very good class! Now, say 'two.'"

And they all left.

C'est tout Ric,

Bill Hilton

Another Welcome Card!

Email from Cindy Walsh. Sent via the Internet: Tuesday, 3. October 2000:-

Ric and Club Metropole

Hello! Cindy Walsh has just sent you a greeting card from Bluemountain.com.

Recall 'Farmers On Rampage?' Unforgettable!

Email from Edgar Ladouceur. Sent via the Internet: Tuesday, 3. October 2000:-

Happy Birthday from Canada & the Farmers Alliance, 'The Cowbell Conservatism' arm, if you recall!

PS: Le moulin in Montparnasse cemetery - is it a grave site and if so whooooose name is attached to it?

Regards, Edgar

Premature Indoctrination?

Email from Denise Wechsler. Sent via the Internet: Wednesday, 4. October 2000:-

Merci Beaucoup!

I'm happy to hear you're doing well, as is the Club. We're just counting the days until our big arrival - or little as the case may be. I still think 'Paris' would be a cool name, but I don't believe Larry is buying it. But don't fret, he or she will be indoctrinated with the love of France as a whole, Paris as the city, and Cafe Metropole as its unique and special tie to both.

We'll try to get a photo out when we get all the technology together.


'Special' Cards Especially Welcome

Email from Mary Bassett. Sent via the Internet: Wednesday, 4. October 2000:-

Bonjour Ric,

I haven't forgotten about you. I am trying to decide on a very special card for you and I'm driving myself nuts!! You have been so helpful and I want to make something special.

What do you think of Disneyland Paris? We're so close to Walt Disney World, and can go anytime because I have relatives working there since it opened. Would you go - if you were me? Probably, strictly a judgement call. Take care and I'll 'talk' with you soon!

Au Revoir, Mary

PS: Go Magic!! Go Wizards!! Go Gators!!

We Were There In Spirit

Email from Susanne Chaney. Sent via the Internet: Thursday, 5. October 2000:-

It sounds like the party was a great success. I sure wish we all could have been there. We were in spirit.

Again regards,
Susanne, John, PJ and Ken

Club Attendance Record Shattered Too!

Email from Dana Shaw. Sent via the Internet: Friday, 6. October 2000:-

Happy rainy Friday to you, Ric.

Jan and I are ecstatic that the turn out for the party set a record for club attendance. It sounds as if everyone had a good time; and in spite of the obvious confusion so many people being there created, you were flattered and happy that so many chose to come. Congratulations, friend, you deserve it.

Cheers! Dana

What Can I Say?

Through sheer chance, Dana Shaw's message concludesphoto: linda thalman, the pappas this week's 'mailbag' - while his was first last week. I have sensed a bulge in the Atlantic all week, from Dana's efforts to attend the party, and do not doubt for a moment that he somehow caused Friday's rain.

The server-lady, Linda Thalman, shares a laugh with Shirley and Walter Pappas.

Nah! I am making this up. Through excess joy club members have held the rain at bay. Now that the big event is over, there is no longer any need for the high pressure, so let it rain.

For readers who may be wondering what this is about, it concerns the first anniversary party of the Café Metropole Club in Paris. Read about the party's 'before' and about last Thursday's actual birthday party.

Still in the dark? Read all about the club for enlightenment, even if it is just a little confusing.
signature, regards, ric

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