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For my wayward ways, I grovelled, I bowed low, Iphoto: bar le bistrot emptied ashtrays, fed the goldfish and took out the garbage. The reason for doing so is simple - Metropole's very own exclusive sports reporter is also a sports person, as well as a signed-in member of the Paris branch of the Café Metropole Club.

Earlier today our intrepid reporter entered the world-famous New York City marathon and successfully completed the entire distance of 26.6 miles - with looks like a metric number - but is actually much higher in European-style metric kilometre numbers.

Here I take out my handy 'Norma' taschenrechenscheiber - für allgemeines Rechnen - and with it - without batteries even! - convert Brit. Gal/lb. to the square root of 10. No, that's not it.

I put the 'I-skala' triangle marker opposite the mile marker on the 'A-skala' and this turns 26.2 miles into an odd number around 42.5 kilometres. Does this sound right?

Running this far on a Sunday through all five of New York's boroughs is not only a great feat, but a very significant 'first' for a club member, even if it is not the first time this member has done this.

Our exclusive reporter and participant reported that the day was clear but a little windy and also a bit cool. This was not the case for the 'Complete the Marathon' party held afterwards, according to Molly.

Watch this spot next week for an update on another race in the United States; after which racing season there will be over and this column will return to its regular program.

Web Life:URLs: You Can Help

The smidgen of reader involvement has fallen into some sort of doldrum, which I assume must have something to do with so many fêtes being celebrated on a WorldWide basis - Halloween, Toussaint, election day, Thanksgiving - either Canadian; past - or American; to come - and the delayed start of the round-the-world solo non-stop sailboat race called the 'Vendée Globe.'

Regular readers may recall that I have requested that you send in your favorite Paris-related Web URLs; for publication here. If you are a new reader, this applies to you too.

It is not necessary to send in 1238 URLs all at once, as Alan Pavlik did a couple of weeks ago, thus earning himself a great big 'thankyou.'

Okay folks, let's get this together and give it another try. If you don't, I will use my regular local supplier of Paris URLs. This week its list is devoted solely to phobias. I can't inflict this on you, so here's last week's selection again:

Inside Paris-Hollywood

The following one I checked, and forgot to notice if it has any English version. For an insider's take on the French film industry, check out Mister W, who apparently gets his information from insiders, and this includes some scoops such as the dates that some films will be in the 'salles,' up to 2007.


'Arts Premiers' are the subject of the new national museum that is expected to open at the Quai Branly in 2004; and until then their exhibitions take place in a wing of the Louvre that has been mentioned in the 'Scene' column.

Since the museum is having exhibitions years before it exists, it is no wonder that it has a Web site too. This presents a history of the project, information about the new museum and its aims, and information about current exhibitions. Here then, is an avant-première of the Musée du Quai Branly.

Comics at the BNF?

By checking the problem-prone national library's Web site I learned that it intended to reopen on Thursday, 2. November, and the B.D. show is scheduled to start a week later, on Thursday, 9. November. Now it's your turn to check out the Bibliothèque Nationale.

Repeat - for the 'Mois de la Photo'

Photo Gallery is worth a look according to regular long-time reader Dana Shaw. Visuel Image is said to be especially rich. Enough words; just for looking. As a last shot, check out ArtCom's take on the Maison Européenne de la Photographie - which is mentioned elsewhere in this issue.

World Wide Poll Revisited

From Wednesday, 15. November until Saturday, 18. November, a worldwide poll will be conducted in eight languages, to find outphoto: droguerie, les halles what it is like to be a human being on this planet on the eve of the new millennium.

The poll which is modestly called PlanetProject, has been organized by 3Com, whose president Eric Benhamou wants to know about the haves and have-nots in our electronic age.

This planetary poll will seek to gather some idea of the values and beliefs of the world's population. Poll responses will be analyzed by the Harris Interactive polling organization.

This seems to be a positive and pioneering project that is only possible because of the existence of the World Wide Web, so I suggest that everyone who considers themselves to be an active member of mankind, consider taking part in it.

The 'Official' Weather: Gloomy Gets Downgraded

Météo France is featured again because of the stormy autumn it is giving us. In better times this is the official source for France's TV-weather people. If you don't get French TV where you are, you can get the weather from where they get it. Because it is 'official' - meaning: as true as possible - don't expect forecasts to exceed 24 hours.

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