'Meat of the Week'

photo: sharon, linda, adrian, terry, maureen

From left: Sharon, Linda, Adrian, Terry and Maureen;
plus the mirror.

Is Not 'Mascot of the Week'

Paris:- Thursday, 16. November 2000:- It is really easy to dispose of today's weather report. Today has been lousy weather day in Paris. Yes, it does happen, and instead of beating around the bush about it, it is better to have an umbrella.

Nevertheless, I, whom is the club's secretary, have arrived at it first. This allows Adrian Leeds, who arrives with the server-lady Linda Thalman, to ask me where all the members are - at exactly 15:04.

My reply is suitable but unprintable because I do not say it out loud. Then I get to listen to an extremely long saga concerning the closed métro station of Louvre-Rivoli, rain, and a Louvre short-cut also being closed; etc. etc..

The club's very own métro station was closed on Monday, and will stay closed until the day before the club meeting on Thursday, 14. December. My suggestion is - and you should commit this to memory - do not try to take shortcuts by way of the Louvre - and use the métro stations at Châtelet or Pont-Neuf instead.

Within a couple of minutes of the arrival of the soaked ladies, Sharonphoto: sharon morgan Morgan also arrives, also soaked. To get it over with all at once, all club members present today - all of them! - arrive soaked because of the closed Louvre-Rivoli métro station.

Thus it becomes the club's first 'Closed Métro Station of the Week' - or should it be 'month?'

Sharon Morgan holds her -very- new book for the photo; and not to look for typos!

Because Adrian is having difficulty remembering Thanksgiving's date, Sharon says, "Thirty days hath September," and so on. It seems to me this is a long thing to memorize, when all you have to know is Thanksgiving is one week after Beaujolais Nouveau Day unless you do it in Canada.

Sharon decides to have a glass of it. Adrian suggests sharing a 'petit pot' because it costs less than half the price of two balloon glasses. I don't notice what Linda the server-lady has.

I think Sharon knows the date of Thanksgiving because she has brought an elegant booklet entitled 'A Book of Thanksgiving' which she made herself, yesterday. It contains recipes and useful ruminations, including the really true story of Thanksgiving.

Sharon is writing a whole cookbook, based on cooking she's done in places like Chicago, Jamaica and South Africa, and she intends to use the recipes in her own restaurant in Paris as soon as she opens it.

Obviously, this warrants the club's unique 'Cook of the Week' award because no other members have admitted to cooking as a profession.

Adrian, as many readers already know, is a professional eater. While Linda is on the phone - tellingphoto: linda auman somebody what she's drinking - but not telling me - Sharon and Adrian exchange tips on how to do deep-fried turkey.

Apparently, you need a big pot for doing this. When the turkey rises to the top, it's done.

Linda Auman has her eyes closed because she's not looking for typos either.

With the 'mad cow' thing currently causing newspaper headline writers to be psychotic, Adrian defends beef tooth and painted fingernail - while Sharon says she's not 'eating any.'

Adrian says, "Beefalo is really good!"

Sharon ups the ante by saying, "Zebra is not black and white when cooked." Before Adrian can think up some exotic meat to top this, Sharon tells us all about the raising of ostriches in herds.

"The only thing wrong with them," she says, "They're murder on dogs." Their good part - and they have one - is the fact that you can use all of them for something, like for ladies' hats. Not even their horrible-looking feet go unused.

Now, let me interrupt here to say that Linda and Jim Auman have arrived and have put their names in the members' booklet, and they've put another New Jersey town on the map - namely Warren, NJ. Warren, wherever it is besides being in New Jersey, becomes the club's 'City of the Week.'

Jim Auman has been reading Metropole for a very longphoto: jim auman time and he contributed his memoirs of the Paris events of May '68 to it a couple of years ago.

Smiling Jim Auman, caught off guard - between smiles.

Another thing that is happening at this club meeting is today's 'waiter of the week' is being summoned often, but I am scribbling notes and am not keeping any clear track of the pots of Beaujolais Nouveau hitting the table, being poured into glasses, and generally evaporating.

"Gobble-gobble," Adrian says. She says, "Do you know what happens when you whisper 'gobble-gobble' in a turkey's ear?"

Forget 'week;' this is probably the 'Question of the Year!'

"They pass it on," Adrian continues, "And all hell breaks loose!"

While I'm wondering if turkeys have ears, Linda the server-lady says, in mid-quote, "When the sun comes out you can see the light."

I think she and the Aumans are talking about Versailles but it's hard to tell because I'm too close to a couple of people trading phrases such as, "Let them eat bullets," and "Kosher baguettes?" followed by "Swimps," which is apparently what Nawlins people call 'shrimps.'

In the midst of this Paul Binkley from 'LA CA USA' - he joined the club in September so I remember his hometown, state, and country - has come in and added to the animation at the far end of the club's multiple tables with some wine talk - while all I can hear is Adrian saying, "I'd rather eat than drink," followed by Sharon saying, "I'd rather drink while cooking."

When Adrian recklessly says, "'British cook' isphoto: paul binkley an oxymoron," I have to ask Sharon to tell me how to spell 'moron.' She then disagrees with Adrian.

Obviously, anybody who has ever cooked a Zebra has some faith in British cooking. With a sigh of relief, the food talk is closed off by a general agreement that vultures are not anybody's favorite food.

Paul Binkley is in the sensible wine conversation part of the meeting.

This is about when I hear that Linda the server-lady thinks the hardware department of the BHV department store is a great place to pick up strange French nouns. One on them, she says, "Is a 'do-ya.' And when you ask for one, the guy says it is right over there!"

The last soaking-wet club members to arrive are Maureen and Terry Cooper, from San Francisco. Their lunch at the two or three-star restaurant of Michel Rostang's in the 17th arrondissement ran way into overtime as can easily happen on Beaujolais Nouveau Day - which is possibly not even served there.

Maureen puts 'Bongo Beanie Bingo' on the table and points out its fancy 'Made in Lyon' tag. The stuffed - whatever it is - is clutching a miniature bottle of Beaujolais and has a hunk of good rosette sausage as part of a necktie.

This - today's club 'Mascot of the Week' by the way - is a new member of a family numbering 150. 'Bébé' is back in the hotel - no it's an apartment - "Big enough for a big party!" - anyway, 'Bébé' has been to Paris, "Nine times." Correction, "Six times."

The details about this are a select crew of - 'Beanies?' - come to Paris two or three times a year - except - if the Coopers go to Palm Springs, the whole gang goes, all 150 of them. Or is it - Springed Palms?

The Coopers have really nice things to say about their lunch, except, as Maureen says, "I prefer one-star restaurants because they try harder."

I am still three 'quotes' behind when everybody more or less leaps up together to put their sodden coats back on, after having strewn the tables with enough cash to cover all the 'notes.'

This is when I see the medium-sized glass forest of empty half-litre 'pots' and balloon glasses. The reason they are all leaving before I can verify the club's notes, is supplied by Linda, the server-lady one.

"I have to go to another bar to meet somebody a half-hour ago," she says. My last note is, 'I think I'll wa...'

The 'About the Café Metropole Club' Page

Actual true facts about your Café Metropole Paris Club in Paris can be found on the 'About the Café Metropole Club page,' which is about your free club in Paris.

This 'about' page contains vague notions about everything free concerning the club - which is everything. You don't actually need to know any of this, unless you want to know the true details about being a member of the only 'real' Internet club in the world for readers of Metropole Paris.

By rooting around in the 'All Past Issues' file you can also find out all about this club's history. The last year's worth of past issues contain 'Updates' of club reports plus hundreds of other unrelated articles.

Date, Time and Location of Next Meeting

The club's next meeting will be on Thursday, 23. November. If you are in Paris this will no longer bephoto: beanie Beaujolais Nouveau Day - but will be 'Thanksgiving Day' instead. This is celebrated in the United States by eating turkeys. This day is also Saint-Clément's Day, which can also be used for eating turkey in La Corona in Paris if you wish to do so.

One of the club's more exciting scoops - today's 'Mascot of the Week.'

The café La Corona meeting place will be open just as it is every Thursday - and the time for your club's meeting remains from 15:00 to 17:00 - which is also known as 3 pm to 5 pm in places that don't have their own zero meridian lines.

Come to the next meeting during its official hours. All of the rest of Thursday 'before the club' meeting remains free for your other important Paris activities concerning turkeys and will be followed by 'after the club,' when you can continue these vital activities.

The café's location is:

Café-Tabac La Corona
2. Rue de l'Amiral Coligny - or - 30. Quai du Louvre
Paris 1. Métro: Pont-Neuf or Châtelet. Important note: the handy métro station Louvre-Rivoli is closed until Wednesday, 13. December.

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