Bigger Than My Head

photo: cafe le notre dame

Paris' blue contrasts with the warmth of an afternoon
apéro in a café.

Minimal Café Life

by Ric Erickson

Paris:- Monday, 18. December 2000:- The weather got cooler during the week and this prompted the TV-weather news people to start talking about 'normal temperatures for this time of year.' However, last night they said these temperatures would be going up this week - back to 'slightly above normal' - into the 8 to 10 degree Celsius range.

The rain does stop briefly but keeps the clouds handy so it can resume any time without having to import completely new weather systems from the north or mid-Atlantic.

The server-lady Linda Thalman finally lost her cools with this situation and has written - plus telephoned! - to say she is going to send me postcards from some desert which is not all that far away.

She must be really desperate because the place she is mentioning is beside a warm sea, whichphoto: xmas tree I believe is full of very big sharks. No doubt there will be heated seaside swimming pools with nothing more dangerous in them than swizzle sticks with bits of tropical fruit shards speared on them.

But if you keep your nerve in Paris, a little rain several times a day is unlikely to be noticed much unless you have misjudged the season and find that your sandals are leaky.

Local merchants sponsored this Christmas tree, on my avenue.

If this is the case, just hold out for about two weeks until the winter sales start. These are the sales where poor Paris merchants try to unload all their soon to be out-of-fashion 2000-style winter clothing in order to make room for the incoming ultra-fashionable '2001' spring clothing.

Meanwhile - even though it's a bit late to mention it - all department stores and many, many other shops in Paris have gone over to a seven-day week - even forsaking Monday closing in my neighborhood - and some of the bigger shops are staying open late too.

Yesterday - Sunday - was the big rush as whole families mobbed downtown Paris, which was duly reported by last night's TV-news. A repeat of this is possible next Sunday too with last-minute desperation buyers fighting over whatever remains on the shelves.

Don't Eat Anything Bigger Than Your Head

I was cruising along quite nicely with Metropole during the week - to the point of being fairly satisfied with the planned contents.

However my leg-in-a-cast rebelled against being propped against the floor while I was producing the issue. The result is neither of the 'Scene' columns have been updated yet, and there will be no 'Au Bistro' column at all for the second week in a row.

Okay, the 'news of the week' was President Jacques Chirac's TV-news stint, which dealt with fairly arcane constitutional issues of no interest to anybody but pundits, who have enjoyed themselves immensely with it.

There are some new items to be added to both 'Scene' columns - especially to the Christmas-New Years' one. I'll attempt to 'top up' both columns within the next day or two.

Eating stuff 'bigger than your head' does not apply to Christmas dinner. Go ahead! Have a good time! Merry Christmas.

Café Life

After You, Madame!

Even when you have health insurance in France, you have to do a little work to make it work. During my 'weekend' last Tuesday, I hobbled over to my local health centre to show them my collection of papers - gathered from two hospitals, a clinic, a couple of pharmacies and some other odd services my leg has commanded.

Because it was lunchtime there were only two people there before me. I sat down and let my leg lurch into the room. I probably looked like some 'Joe' off the street, taking a rest from collecting 10-franc pieces in a paper cup.

As the second of two ladies was having her turn discussing health paperwork, a very old lady arrived. She lookedphoto: window creche around and then pressed some door-security button. When nothing happened she asked me and my log of a leg if she needed to take a 'ticket.' 'No need,' I murmured.

Then an agitated lady arrived, holding a bundle of papers. She wanted to know about the 'ticket' too. She didn't sit down. She fidgeted around the place. Then she asked if she couldn't just deposit her papers ahead of us, because she was in a hurry.

The old lady said she was too old to wait long. The agitated women began to rant about the job she had to get back to in '30 minutes,' and how she and her important job paid for old ladies' health insurance - and presumably for characters like me with their legs sprawled all over the place.

A young fellow then came in and plopped down beside me just as my turn came up. I hobbled over to the reception desk but before I could sit down the agitated lady was shoving her papers past me. She hadn't seen that there was a paper-deposit box just inside the entry doors.

The lady on the desk looked at me and I nodded the agitated lady through. She had to sit down and babble a bit, so I returned to my former place to rest my leg.

When she finished, I asked the old lady if she wanted to go first and she accepted. When she was finished in a jiffy, I asked the young guy if he was in a hurry. He said he was, so he took his turn, which was rather longer because he was a first-timer.

But that was it. I had spent enough of my 'weekend' in this place. The lady at the desk said, "Now us!" By the time we had called in a super expert and found some new forms for me to fill in and bring back, there were five new people waiting. Lunch time was over, but I had a date for the next meeting.

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