Members Cite Multiple Bungles

photo: waiting area, la corona terrace

The club's overflow space at the Café La Corona.

Multiple Grovels In Reply

Email from Al Riley. Sent via the Internet: Wednesday, 21. February 2001:-

Dear Ric (alias Ed):

Had a great time and cannot wait till my next trip. The minutes of the February 15th meeting were great - I couldn't remember you taking so many pictures.

However, I'm not so sure that I want to assume all of the blame for stating that the meeting was 'the world record of the week' for club members.

I can't use the excuse of being drunk, since I wasn't.

I will simply say that I thought that I heard YOU - yes, you Ed - your reply to my inquiry about the number of members present. I then proceeded to declare a record upon the counting of heads.

Numerous things that photo: server lady linda thalman I have said in my life have been questioned; some of which have been described by other nouns used as adjectives that begin with the letter 'b.' Baloney has never been one of them.

The server-lady gives a new meaning to disbelief - "Baloney!"

But, upon Linda's tirade, you name me as the sole culprit of the erroneous 'record of the week' information.

That should be worth a glass of Pernod - at least! - upon my return.

Linda, mea culpa. I now understand that the attendance record is sacrosanct and should not be sullied with erroneous estimates brought on by misplaced enthusiasm, misinformed secretaries or public drunkenness.

Al 'Baloney' Riley

Ducking Baloney? Gauntlets?

Bonjour Al -

Thanks for the kind words about the meeting's 'report.' Nobody has ever written to compliment one before. I didn't actually 'take a lot of pictures,' because I've got a lot of blurs here.

I remember very well that you were not drunk at the meeting and neither was I. This is how you got to hear me say there were a 'record number of members' at the meeting.

Since getting my marbles scrambled on the Quai du Louvre - forgetting the club's fantastic birthday meeting 'record' attendance has become an everyday occurrence.

You, Al, are in no way responsible for this. I have informed the server-lady Linda Thalman that any 'baloney' being attributed, should not be tossed your way. I shall use it for the construction of luncheon sandwiches.

This goes for 'gauntlets being thrown down' too. In fact, since finding out I am the true source of this 'baloney,' Linda has done a reverse toss on the 'gauntlets' by kidnapping mine and whisking them off to the Cadillac Ranch.

All clear, then? I'm using the 'loose marbles' defense. About the glass of Pernod 'reward,' this is rightfully yours any time you want to claim it even if you don't like the stuff.

As far as forwarding your 'Mea Culpa' to Linda, I will skip it because she can read it here. If I send it to her directly, she might think I need some new 'baloney' thrown at me.

Now that this minor misunderstanding of a bungle is cleared up, welcome to the club!

Club's Meeting On the 36th

Email from Tim Cissell. Sent via the Internet: Friday, 23. February 2001:-

Hi Ric,

I don't know that it has become necessary, but wanted to make a reservation for four during the club meeting which will be held on Feb. 36th, 2001.

Thanks in advance and see you then,

Tim Cissell

A Thoughtful Reply

Bonjour Tim -

The club's area in La Corona will hold any number without resorting to a standing-room-only situation. The only thing I'm curious about concerning your non-necessary booking is whether 36. February is a Thursday or not. If not, just ask for the club's 'Waiter of the Week' and you will be shown where to wait until a suitable Thursday comes along.

Club TV On Café's Terrace

Email from Tim Cissell. Sent via the Internet: Friday, 23. February 2001:-

R,photo: gauntlet

Thanks! The club photos have started to look pretty full lately and we didn't want to come all that way and have to watch the meeting from a TV screen on the sidewalk outside.

The official gauntlet, and what it looks like 'thrown down.'

And - I didn't know whether 29. February was a Thursday. But it looked to me as though the 29th and the 36th are the same day. We'll happily wait at the club 'til a Thursday rolls around.


Eagle-eyed Member Number Two

Email from Dana Shaw. Sent via the Internet: Sunday, 25. February 2001:-

Hi Ric,

One teensy weensy correction regarding the next meeting. You've written, "It will be held on Thursday, 29. February 2001." 2001 is not a leap year. Next Thursday is the ever famous and popular first day of March. I know this well because the first day of each month is when my survival check is deposited into my bank account, allowing me to buy gas for another few weeks.

Cheers! Dana

Not? A Leap Year?

Bonjour Dana -

Holy mother of pearl! I distinctly remember thinking the year 2000 does not fall into the 'divide by four' rule, so I've been continuing to use last year's calendar, um, because it looks nicer than the one I got from the firemen this year.

Since this is useless for figuring out what the date will be in seven days, I've been usingphoto: not spilled milk my fingers, and just adding seven fingers on to every existing date.

For the month of February, which is one of our more silly ones, I completely forgot March sneaks into it several fingers earlier than usual. It probably means all the dateline dates in this issue are wrong too.

When things get splashed at the club they are seldom milk.

My thanks to you and Tim Cissell for warning me about this. I will not forget it when the time comes to splash a lot of free pastis around, even if neither of you like it.
signature, regards, ric

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