Number 6.O9:- Monday, 26. Feb. 2OO1

Update: Surprise 'City of the Week' - Antwerp - Your Club's 'Report' on Thursday, 1. March

Café Metropole - Over-Plastered Under-Postered - France's Food Thing photo: film, comedie de l'innocence, dir by raoul ruiz

Au Bistro - Times Are Changing - Mr. Nobody Discovered In Paris

Blondes d'Aquitaine Have More Fun - Some Brewery Blondes Have Fun Too

Looking At Hector's Places - 'On Tour' With the Server-Lady

The Café Metropole Club 'Zulu' Beads of the Week' Report - Your Club's Update on Thursday, 22. February

Emails - Members Cite Multiple Bungles - Multiple Grovels In Reply

Scene - Elvis Wasn't Playing Last Week - This Week It Is 'Scene's' Turn For a Rest

This Week's Paris Posters I

This Week's Paris Posters II

Ric's Cartoon - "Véritable Basque Béret?"

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