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photo: passage des marais

The Passage des Marais.

Exclusive From Metropole Paris

Paris:- Tuesday, 6. March to Sunday, 11. March:- The uneven weather is not reliable for photography because of frequent periods of overcast, which produce an unfriendly, flat light. Between these periods, the low winter sun shines fitfully, producing too much tricky contrast.

Metropole has to be produced whatever the weather. Getting good photos for the magazine is not a problem. Getting exceptional photos - at any time - is more a matter of luck. All it requires is being in the right place at the right time, and realizing it. This combination doesn't come together every week.

This Week's Photo:- The photo above is not in the 'exceptional' class. On Saturday the weather was being more difficult than usual. I was near the Canal Saint-Martin, and wandering around an area west of it, in the 10th arrondissement. In the Rue Lucien Sampaix I was struck with the Rue Legouvé, and its somewhat strange decor - with its fake old-fashioned 'posters,' almost red wall paint, and the fake three-story high painted columns.

Around the corner in the Boulevard de Magenta I came across the Passage des Marais above, with some of the same decor. I didn't realize that this passage runs into the Rue Legouvé in a 'T.' Some one hand has decorated a few whole streets, in an area that is mostly undecorated, and authentically run-down - or simply somewhat forgotten.

About the Photos

All of Metropole's exclusive photos presented here have been taken in Paris or the Ile-de-France during the week preceding each issue's publication date of Monday. You can expect to see a new photo - or photos, or images - offered here each week.

How To Order the Photos or Images

1. - Choose the week's offer of a photo or an image presented above. Or choose one or more from past issues - or from the links below. For other photos from past issues, select the photo you want and 'save it.' The copy saved on your hard disk will have a Metropole reference file name something like 'cafe610b.jpg.' Send this reference with your email.

2. - Send an email to Ric, saying you want the photo, and give its reference name.

3. - In return you will receive an email giving you details of how to order the photo or image. If you reply to confirm the order, the photo or image will be sent to you as an attachment to an email with a minimum of delay.

This is all there is to it. No forms to fill out, no card numbers to type in, no messages from 'robots' other than 'Ed.' No 'spam' either.

Photos From Past Issues

A Metropole photo was offered for the first time in the last issue. The photo offered shows a view of the Rue Norvins on Montmartre, very similar to a well-known scene by the painter Maurice Utrillo.

Details About the Images

Each photo begins with an original size of 1024 by 1280 pixels, which is too large to view on many computer monitors. After photolab treatment by 'Ed,' the photo size is standardized at 750 pixels high by 1000 wide - or 5.2 by 6.9 inches, or 13.2 by 17.6 cms. Compressed in the 'high-quality' JPG format, each photo will be from 350 to 550 Ko for Internet transmission.

Cartoons and drawings may be slightly odd sizes. Metropole's 'Posters of the Week' are not available because of copyrights.

When possible, each photo or image will be accompanied with its 'history.' This will include the original image's date and location in Paris, and perhaps some additional comments by 'Ed.'

In rare cases the photo image file may be damaged by transit through the Internet. If this seems to be the case, please complain bitterly and the photo image file will be re-sent as soon as possible.

Viewing the Photos

The photos can be viewed on your monitor's screen by placing the photo image file in the directory or folder with your other 'screensaver' or 'wallpaper' images. Software utility programs for viewing the photos are usually provided with operating systems, or can be obtained from third parties. Many of these are 'shareware' programs - to be paid for somewhat like Metropole's photo/image offer.

Copyright of the Photos and Images

All reproduction rights are reserved by Richard Erickson. You are allowed to use the photos for personal and non-commercial uses only. The resolution of the delivered photos is 144 ppi and prints of the photos are permitted for personal and non-commercial use only. For any other uses, write to Richard Erickson. Your name and email address will not lent, sold or given away to any third parties.

All photos/images: Richard Erickson © 2001
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