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This situation concerns national museums - possibly throughout France - but does not apply to Ville de Paris museums. These are normally closed on Mondays though.

Rail Strike(s) - Part IV

The major wave of strikes affecting SNCF rail operations recently seems to have been reduced to a normal minimum. For the coming week keep on checking the SNCF's Web site if you feel worried about this. For schedules in the Ile-de-France and Paris regions, try this link.

Internet Life In France

Unpublished Authors - Fr.

On Saturday, Le Parisien had a story about Carole Zalberg, who has written three novels but has had nonephoto: friterie, rue galande of them published. They didn't get past the publishers' 'readers' - called 'committees' - even if they are individuals.

At the opposite end of the Rue Galande.

However, one publisher is looking at it from the other end, by putting Ms. Zalberg's unpublished novel 'Les Memoires d'un Arbre' online. The publisher hopes to get online browsers to act as 'readers' and to send in their comments. If favorable, then the work might get to roll off the presses on paper and go between covers.

The prestigious publisher is the Cherche-Midi house, and it intends to keep each new author's work online for four months - plus add new unpublished authors. If you write your novels in French, this could be your chance.

Lit. Web Sites - Fr.

More than 1000 French literature Web sites are online, all linked to the Auteurs Net. This site was recently taken over by L'Express, which has reinforced it with closer ties to the literary magazine Lire, and to Dicos d'Or.

Lit. E-Books - Fr.

00 h 00 - which sort of means 'midnight' - has a catalogue of unpublished titles, plus re-editions - all available for download as .PDF files. This publisher also offers the service of printing these files for readers, on a one-off basis. Besides offering original titles and reprints, the site also has a forum for its users.

All Books - Fr.

What Amazon or Barnes & Noble are to the United States, Chapitre.com is to France. Long one of the biggest players here, this online bookseller is thinking of testing offshore waters. While half of its business is with new titles, Chapitre thinks it has an edge when it comes to rare or out-of-print books. Chapitre sends out real people to poke through 115 real bookstores to look for rarities, and it finds them - for you. This company also has ties to Quebec and the German bookseller Buecher.de. The firm also proposes French language revues and magazines.

Your Paris Web URLs

If you have any favorite Paris Web sites you think other readers should know about, please send them in. If they haven't been featured before and they don't crash my browser, you'll get a modest 'thankyou' here.

The 'Official' Weather - 13.7% 'Spring'

I have already apologized for causing rotten weather for Easter in Paris, based on 25 years' experience of it here. It was not pleasant for residents or visitors, so I would now like to right a wrong - and predict good weather for next Easter, in 2002.

Even though I am going against 'historic' trends, I feel that it may be my duty to try and reverse the negative-weatherphoto: flea market, av maine tendency of Easters. Well, not 'duty' exactly - I'm trying to weasel out of my recent correct prediction. Better wrong and good than right and bad.

This is also the season for neighborhood flea markets.

Coming temperatures are predicted to be 'somewhat less' than average 'for this time of year,' which means highs that are not even good 'lows.'. For real forecasts, give the Météo France site a hit. Predictions are usually fairly shortrange because Météo France doesn't like going out on shaky meteorological limbs.

This said, Météo France is hoping - don't we too! - to have ultra- shortrange predictions available online by this coming summer. These should be handy for checking the weather at breakfast, to be sure it will be sunny enough for a stroll around to view clothing shop windows at noon.

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