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In Spain, this 'sleeping' money is credited with buying 100,000 apartments since the beginning of this year. The downside to this is that housing prices for new construction has shot up 14 percent in the year's first six months.

The French automobile manufacturer Peugeot announced a 26.1 percent climb in sales in October over last October. In this supposed period of crises, Peugeot has attributed its success to two new models recently put on the market and to the fact of lower-cost credit.

But the French car industry as a whole saw a rise of 7.6 percent for the month, and plus 5.6 percent for the year.

This could also be partly due to the French spending some of their hoardings, because the Spanish are buying cars too.

If this is an indication of what will happen in France, then our part of the world may well need a recession - to act as sort of an inflation-sponge.

I'm not hoping for this you understand. Under my mattress, there is only a dusty floor and beneath it there is a cellar with a dirt floor, with nothing under it except the catacombs.

Troubled Skies?

You might want to look this up in your atlas, but in case you know where Dubai is you might also know that one of this year's big air shows is going on there.

This morning radio France-Info startled me with the news that the local Dubai airline had quietlyphoto: penthouse in 14th signed orders for 58 aircraft. Airbus got the lion's share of this order, by flogging 33 aircraft.

Boeing didn't do too badly either, by getting orders for 25 passenger jets from the same airline.

One of Paris' old-time but neat penthouses.

There must be a future to air travel because Airbus is expected to deliver 22 of its new A-380 superjumbos between 2004 and 2010.

Paris - New York Express

Along with the aviation news above, I need to mention that Air France's Concorde supersonic flights from Paris to New York resume this coming Wednesday, 7. November. I 'need' to mention this, because the Concorde is my favorite subject when it comes to drawing aircraft. If it had been grounded forever, I might have had to consider moving to Cuba or some other old-timey place where there may still be DC-3s. 'Fly the friendly skies - fast!'

Wither Voxan?

For all of the motorcycles one sees on the streets of Paris, only one is made in France. The Voxan was launched in 1995 as a high-end machine and the company is going through some heavy financial sailing at the moment.

On the weekend 500 Voxan operators, who have a choice of three different models, gathered at Issoire in the Auvergne to show their solidarity with the troubled company.

One was quoted by Le Parisien as saying that its manufacture shouldn't stop, 'just because of a silly lack of money.' The amount the company needs to save employment for its 125 employees is a mere 100 million francs.

The Voxan owner's club of France is thinking of launching a subscription to help the company, or even go a step further and take it over.

In case you think this is unlikely, in 1984 French motorcyclists banded together to create a complementary insurance scheme, which covers risks beyond those covered by the traditional insurance companies - all of which hate motorcycles.

But time is running out. The bankruptcy court in Clermont-Ferrand has set a deadline on 21. December for the company to put its books in some sort of order.

Internet Life

The Call for Your URLs

Taking into account the amount of disorganization here lately, it is does not seem likely that I am going to be able to examine any URLs you send me. I appreciate the ones sent in. I will appreciate any new ones sent to me, but I will not guarantee to do anything with them.

Universal Knowledge

UNESCO has ambitions that go beyond its past presentation of itself online. What it wants to do, through appropriate links, is act as a portal to the world's cultural heritage. It is also interested in topics such as the world's resources of water and online education, and its current project includes links to a library of free software. Take a look at UNESCO's new look.

The 'Big Brother' Awards

These are unfamiliar to me, but they are apparently awarded to countries, companies and other assorted entities that are engaged in snooping on you - and me! - in one way or another.

Most of the 'award' winners ignore their distinctions, but this is no reason for you to ignore their shyness. Check out The 'Big Brother' Awards to find out who may be checking you out.

Weather Alerts

This fairly new service from our friends at France-Météo gives warnings aboutphoto: rue de lutece, ile de la cite approaching violent weather that might be dangerous to your health, or, on a lesser scale, cause you some discomfort if you happen to be outside without an umbrella.

On the Ile de la Cité, on the first day of November. Amazing!

The warning system of 'Vigilance-Météo' consists of assigning four colors to departments or regions in France liable to be attacked by hurricane-speed winds, torrential downpours, heavy storms, tornados, blizzards and/or avalanches - and it is updated twice daily.

If you are curious or need to know more, give the Météo-France Web site a hit, for its short-range forecasts. The 'Vigilance-Météo' area is on the page's top left.

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