The Club Meeting In New York

photo: grand epicerie, bon marche

One of Paris' less than typical grocery stores - at
the Bon Marché.

Help From Members Required

Paris:- Friday, 30. November 2001:- For a reason that seemed pretty good at the time, it has been decided that the year's last Café Metropole Club meeting will be held in the Manhattan area of New York City on Thursday, 27. December.

Club members in the Tri-State area have been sent email invitations to this meeting and a good number of them have replied. Even those who can't come - because they will be in Paris! - have indicated that holding a meeting in New York is a good idea.

The club's secretary still thinks so too, but he is a bit worried about finding a suitable placephoto: terrace, cafe le lodi to hold the meeting. Several members are thinking very hard about this, but there's room for more brainpower to be focused on this problem.

'Not to be found in Manhattan?' - Le Café Lodi's terrace on the Quai du Louvre.

The reason you come to Paris may be because it isn't like New York. I seem to have been taking the club's café in Paris - La Corona - somewhat for granted. It has only been after searching around a bit, that I've found that New York seems to have no equivalent of La Corona, or hundreds of other cafés like it in Paris.

This means that this extraordinary club meeting may not find itself in a 'French' sort of establishment because these seem to be mostly 'bistro'- type restaurants.

If possible, the meeting should be able to happen much the same as it does in Paris. The time of the meeting should be suitable for members to attend the meeting, and the place should be large enough to hold all the members who attend.

Members should not be required to have a meal, but there should be refreshments available. Since meetings in Paris can go into overtime, this eventuality should be possible in New York too.

Please send in your ideas and suggestions soon, so the club's secretary can quit worrying about this nerve-wracking bit of minor detail.

Not Very-Old Historical Background

The secretary of the Café Metropole Club and the 'ed' of Metropole Paris were sitting around together a couple of months ago, idly turning tin and wire Champagne cork-stoppers into turtles, when one of them said, "Let's hold a club meeting in New York City."

Then nothing happened for a long time except for the creation of many more tin-lidded wire-legged turtles.

Making these might be a great pastime on a desert island, but not in Paris or in New York. So 'Ed,' I think it was, went and bought a ticket to New York while deciding at the same time - with the club secretary's agreement - that the club meeting in Manhattan should be the last of the year, on Thursday, 27. December.

Everybody agrees this is a good date, in principle. Although it will be on a weekday like all Thursdays, it will be between Christmas and New Years.

Some club members and readers may not be working, and some readers who are not yet clubphoto: three wines, in lodi members may be visiting New York at the same time and joining the club in New York could save them taking a tedious transatlantic flight to Paris.

Typical club decor in Paris during club meetings.

So the chosen date may be better than, say, the coming Saint-Valentine's Day, which is not a holiday even if it is on a Thursday. It might be a suitable day to have a 'Love In' in Paris instead of a meeting, but since this will be way off in 2002 the idea for it will be written on a Post-It and put on 'hold' with a 'turtle.'

So back to the New York idea - the club's secretary put down the tin and wire turtles and brought the club membership list up to date, in order to send out emails to members living in the New York area.

After a bunch of these were emailed - with only two 'bounces!' - another batch was sent when it was learned that some of the two-letter state abbreviations were for neighboring states not near Canada even though it can be seen from some parts of New York state.

All Welcome To Attend the New York Meeting

Any reader or club member can come to the meeting in New York, from anywhere in the world, even from both parts of Canada.

The secretary is looking forward to a lot of new members signing the members' booklet, which will be brought across the wide Atlantic Ocean to New York for this very purpose.

What Sort of Meeting Time Is Suitable?

A clever club member has written o sayphoto: paris italian deli that the correct time of day for the meeting might be called 'Happy Hour' in New York. As I understand it, this is when two-for-one- priced drinks are available because joints having 'Happy Hours' would otherwise be empty.

Since Paris has Italian delis like New York, the City should have cafés like in Paris. I think.
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